Anime Detour Announcement

ATC Open Coordinator: Social Outreach Services

August 14th 2020, 20:54 CDT

Good morning everyone, today we would like to announce 2 open positions within our organizations. We will be making a separate post for each position. As we are an entirely volunteer 501c.3 organization these positions are not paid positions. To apply please email We can also be reached there with any questions or concerns. Below is the description for our Social Outreach Services coordinator.

Please send your application by 8/29/20.

Branch Description: Social Outreach Services

The Social Outreach Services team encourages year-round connection and friendship within the anime fan community by organizing and running multiple social events and activities outside of Anime Detour. The SOS team aims to provide monthly social activities and various other gatherings as well as a few larger annual events. These activities generate additional opportunities for fundraising and advertising on behalf of Anime Twin Cities. SOS also sponsors camaraderie among the staff of Anime Detour and Anime Twin Cities at large by hosting social events and parties for ATC, Inc. staff members.

Role Description: Social Outreach Services Coordinator

The SOS coordinator is the leader of the Social Outreach Services team and takes primary responsibility for its activities. The coordinator is tasked with making regular reports to the Board of Anime Twin Cities on behalf of the SOS team, as well as submitting the annual budget and goals for SOS.

Duties of the SOS Coordinator:

● Organize regular meetings of SOS staff.
● Track meeting attendance for the purpose of granting voting rights in ATC, Inc..
● Maintain sufficient staff numbers for the functions of SOS by engaging team members in activity planning and discussions and seeking out additional volunteers as needed.
● Lead the SOS team in scheduling and planning its activities.
● Keep the ATC, Inc. Facebook page, Google calendar, and group up to date with information about upcoming activities.
● Work with the ATC, Inc. Communications Coordinator to promote upcoming events.
● Assist the ATC, Inc. Charities Coordinator in staffing charitable activities.
● Take initiative in encouraging newcomers or shy attendees at events to participate and meet new people. Proactively help all to feel welcome and defuse interpersonal conflicts when possible and appropriate.
● Record event attendance data and other statistics.
● Maintain a Google Drive shared folder of event SOP documents and other information.
● Secure and maintain the SOS petty cash supply and turn over any income from events to the ATC, Inc. Treasurer.
● Manage inventory of SOS supplies at the GPS facility.
● Create and distribute marketing materials specific to SOS.