Anime Detour Announcement

ATC Open Coordinator: Charities

August 14th 2020, 20:54 CDT

Good morning everyone, today we would like to announce 2 open positions within our organizations. We will be making a separate post for each position. As we are an entirely volunteer 501c.3 organization these positions are not paid positions. To apply please email We can also be reached there with any questions or concerns. Below is the description for our Charities coordinator.

Please send your application by 8/29/20.

ATC, Inc. Branch Description: Charities Coordinator

The Charities coordinator is responsible for the management of ATC, Inc.’s various annual charitable giving efforts, to organize, manage, and present Charitable Giving opportunities and requests for assistance.

Duties of the Charities Coordinator

- Be the primary Point of Contact for ATC to organizations and persons requesting funds
- This includes:
Prompt replies for charitable giving requests
Dealing with official 3rd parties
Attending events
- Review any requests to confirm that they are legitimate, needful and fall within reasonable parameters of the ATC mission
-Current funding means include:
“Annual Giving” – yearly distribution of funds to various organizatios
“LEG” Fund – Fund available to help people in need upon request
Scholarship Fund
- Work with the treasurer to insure any grants or donations are completed in a timely manner.
- Organize and promote various means to raise additional funds for future giving