Anime Twin Cities Elections


These are your Candidates for the Anime Twin Cities elections. Elections will take place at the April 22nd planning meeting. Please carefully review your choices because these people will be representing Anime Twin Cities for the next two years. Eligible voters can vote for a maximum of one (1) candidate for President, a maximum of one (1) candidate for Secretary, and a maximum of two (2) candidates for Member-at-Large. Write-in candidates are also accepted.

Michael Nicchetta

What makes a good president? As I have been contemplating whether or not to run this election cycle that was the question most at the forefront of my mind. Does a board president need a commanding presence or great business acumen? Do they need to be able to make split second life-or-death decisions and direct personal impact on departmental policies?
Now, as I’ve successfully given all my English teachers heart attacks by leading off with so many rhetorical questions, let me back up and introduce myself. My name is Michael Nicchetta and I’m sure many of you have seen me around the con for years from my previous work with the Safety and Registration teams not to mention my running of the Hotel Reservations this year. I have been with Anime-Detour in some capacity from the very beginning in half a Marriot next to the Mall of America, and wanting to give something back to the convention I have spent more than a decade with is what inspired me to run for this position- if I could just answer that pesky question first.
Ultimately I came to the conclusion that the most important skill a president can have is organization and control. From my previous time on the board of directors I saw first-hand how often our board meetings can be waylaid by tangents and over-discussion like our normal staff meetings, our directors aren’t any different from us in that regard. I feel that the best thing a president can bring to the board is a strong sense of organized agenda as well as the ability to ensure that meetings stay moving when it becomes apparent further discussion is not going anywhere.
Fortunately, for this not at all self-serving analysis, this is one of my strongest suits. As head of Reservations I’ve really been forced to double down on my organizational skills and my perseverance in following up on projects in progress to ensure they are finished. And so that is what I will promise you all; efficiency and organization. I won’t promise more than I can deliver or try to regal you with big changes we should be doing. I love the mission of ATC and its outreach among the community, and I genuinely believe that the best thing a president can do to build on the good works we have going is to ensure they are done in the best way possible.

Thank you for your consideration,
Michael Nicchetta

Andy Tso

Hi, my name is Andy Tso, and I'd like to be considered for President of the Anime Twin Cities board. In my experience with this organization -- which includes running Detour Registration, serving as ATC Secretary, and overseeing a Detour division of six departments -- I have seen change over the years in our geek community, and by extension Anime Detour. Part of that change pertains to how Detour has grown, and there is the associated challenge of how ATC can best accommodate that growth. Anime Detour has started to reach out to other conventions in an official capacity so that we can connect and share our respective communities in the context of conventions. I want to do the same on a higher level, so that ATC becomes more known in the broader non-profit space. In this manner, we would be better equipped to attract resources that would be beneficial for Detour, and by extension our community. With my organizational skills and my ATC experience, I would be the best candidate to fulfill this vision.


Please prepare a short speech for the day of election to announce your candidacy.


No candidates were submitted. Please prepare a short speech for the day of election to announce your candidacy.

Joseph Opsahl

As a long time attendee of Anime Detour, and interim secretary for Anime Twin Cities. I believe that my experience and drive would be better suited for a larger role in the organization. That is why I am submitting my formal application for a member at large position on the Anime Twin Cities board.

I have been on Anime Detour staff since 2007 originally starting as a volunteer for various departments, and have held positions in safety and gaming. Prior to staffing, I have volunteered every year since 2004. Watching the convention grow from a small start up at the Marriott into the 6000 person event it is today has always been inspirational.

Along side Anime Detour, I have been involved in numerous conventions and events in the Twin Cities and around the country. Including a temporary involvement in starting two twin cities conventions that have since been successful.

I have also started the first gaming dedicated convention in Minnesota, 2D Con. Originally started as a small event, The first year was self funded, and had an attendance of 800 warm bodies. While Managing a convention is no easy task, and through 2D Con I learned the importance of a board with differing opinions and ideas.The second year of 2D Con had over 1400 attendees.

When facing a challenge I am not one to back down, as many of you know the Ramada (Thunderbird) was sold and closed two months prior to 2D Con last year, through persistence and hard work we were able to negotiate a contract with a new venue and keep a respected image in the community.

Late last year, in an effort to be more involved in other organizations such as Anime Twin Cities, I stepped down from my role as chairman of 2D Con in 2016.I remain on the board of directors as the president of This is Geek. This will in no way impact any decisions as I am comfortable abstaining from any board matters related to This is Geek.

I am also heavily involved in the local Extra Life (Childrens Miracle Network) group as one of the core members and planners, as well as various other charitable causes.

Conventions are ever evolving, I make sure to attend a large amount of conventions and events around the country both small and large, to research market trends in order to stay ahead of the curve. Due to my involvement with many of these conventions my industry contacts list is ever growing.

Organizations such as Anime Twin Cities are for the fans, and I am a firm believer in listening to feedback, no matter how negative, as it only helps better the community and events. While it is never possible to please everyone, small steps can make a huge difference.

Thank you,
Joseph Opsahl

Anton Petersen

My name is Anton Petersen and I am running for an open Board of Directors, Member at Large position for Anime Twin Cities. I have worked on Anime Detour staff since the second year and I now have the honor of being your head of Guest Relations. In the past I have also served on the Board of Directors.

I also work with a number of other conventions throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. I realize that some may believe that I am way over worked and would not have time for this. Let me assure you that the vast majority of these conventions consist of a few exchanged emails in the weeks prior and the last meeting or two prior to the convention. In general I am there to manage their Guests of Honor on site. The majority of the pre work is done by others.

I would like for you to consider the positive assets of my being on the ATC Board. First of all I would bring a wealth of contacts and connections from other events and organizations in the Twin Cities. I assisted in the setup of the Geek Partnership Society and my work with the Mechadamia conference has given us access to Japanese guests such as Dai Sato are examples of this. As head of Guest Relations I have considerable experience in contacting and communicating with a wide variety of individuals. As being a convention staff member for almost 19 years I have worked in many different departments and have assisted with conventions both large and small.

I really enjoy working at Anime Detour and it is my example of a fantastic organization to be a part of. We are able to obtain guests based on the reputation of this convention (from all of your hard work) and our history of giving. This charitable giving is one of the main reasons I love working here. The fact that we all work ourselves to death for the benefit of others in the community is the example that everyone should strive for.

If elected I would like to work on expanding both Anime Twin Cities and Anime Detour's outreach within the local and regional community. We have started down this path with our increased engagement with other conventions and I will work to continue that expansion. I would also like us to be recognized in the community at large for the amazing charitable work we do. Other things to work on are tightening up our administrative process's, work on bylaws (an ongoing task for any board), and continuing to improve on communication between the board and staff.

David K Vetrovec

My name is David Vetrovec, which you probably already know. Not only have I been a board member for five years, but I have also been the Treasurer, Vice President, Vice Chairman, Division Head, and Head of the Programming Department, so I have experience and an understanding of not only the convention but how the board works. But many people have experience, what is my most unique quality is my conservatism. I have unabashedly stood my ground when the board has decided to do things I don't agree with, and sometimes I have convinced people of my viewpoint. But, I have also lost some arguments, and when I have lost, I have stood with the board and made the decision my own. My integrity is very important to me, and I would never be deterred from deciding things that I believe is the best course of action, regardless of the consequences.

I may not have the most innovative ideas, or the most modern mindset, and my grasp of what our younger members find entertaining is tentative at best (Truth or Dare?!?!?), but I have demonstrated an open mind, and also continue to stand what I believe in. Thank you for your consideration.


Please prepare a short speech for the day of election to announce your candidacy.