Anime Twin Cities Elections


Lauren Ganann

I went to Detour meetings for about 9 months before committing to do anything for the convention. Then a week before the first Detour I committed to running the information table, a job so unimportant that we don't even have it anymore. It wasn't that I didn't want to help but that I didn't feel like I had the skills to do anything. I was young and lacked confidence. It has been my Detour and ATC experiences that have made me the much stronger more confident person I am today.

Every year I go to Detour and am reminded of how amazing it is when people work together and form a community of their own. I see the results of this, how the lives of the community are made better by its presence. I want for ATC to continue that feeling of community throughout the year and reach a wider audience. We have the ideas and the drive to make this happen but often we lack the people. As president my goals for the next term will be to keep us focused and track with our projects and goals, and to increase our recruitment efforts for ATC staff.

Michael Nicchetta

Greetings and salutations all! As one con season winds down I have come to announce my candidacy for the position of ATC President. Over the years I have gotten to know many of you, but for those who are unaware of who I am or why I think I can do this job: My name is Michael Nicchetta and I have been a part of ATC for over 10 years now, primarily in Anime-Detour but also having served stints as a Board Member-at-Large and on the original GPS Site committee. These tenures have giving me insight into the mechanics of how the Board operates, but my true benefit to bring to the board is much harder to qualify unless you’ve worked with me in the past: an insatiable appetite for order and procedure. The board has grown much over the last several years and has become very good at what it does, but even still occasionally can succumb to distraction and tangents, so it is my intention to do everything possible to ensure meetings proceed smoothly and orderly in a timely fashion. As the primary responsibility of the President lies in managing the meetings I believe my strengths are best served here. Those who’ve been in departments with me know how tenacious I can be about this, and if you haven’t I implore you to ask someone who has worked with me to find out.

But that’s the boring stuff, what really is important is what does the Board do going forward. ATC has taken Anime-Detour far, and while there is an on-going discussion about where the convention heads from here I would like to have ATC turn its attention to its other organizations and see them through. We’ve created a great partnership with many groups in the state, now is the time we should be using that partnership to see more anime related events be they movie showings, cosplay masquerades or even simple get-togethers. There has been a general movement toward these in the past, but what I seek to do is much more active in spreading our agenda- up to and including going out and looking at individuals from outside our usual organizations if we can’t find a suitable candidate for a post.

There are many great candidates for this position, but I hope you all will consider me and my qualifications for ATC Board President this year.

Thank you,
Michael Nicchetta

Heather Colgan

My name is Heather Colgan but most if detour staff know me as Squeaks. I am interested in running for ATC Secretary this year. Reasons being I am dependable, I am traditionally on time, I love taking notes, and I have 2yrs of experience of being a Secretary before at SCSU for Paranormal Society. If I am elected you will have a dedicated and dependable Secretary.
Heather C. Colgan aka Squeaks

Matt McMillan

Anime Detour has been one of the most exciting and life changing conventions I have the privilege to work on. Since 2010 I have had the opportunity to help plan and run events for the Gaming department, which eventually I was entrusted to head up. I have developed such a deep caring for this convention that I wanted to learn more about the group that helps ensure its success – Anime Twin Cities. This bid will layout the reasons one should (or even shouldn’t) vote for me for this position.

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Connie Mohs

My name is Connie Mohs. I would like to put my name in for the upcoming Administrative Assistant position held currently by Andy Tso.

I attend the Anime Detour staff meetings regularly. While there I take notes on all important updates made by the other staffers. I pass on any updates to my friends who were not able to attend the meeting.

This is my third year as a volunteer staffer for Anime Detour. This year I am working with the hotel and video departments. I am also helping Heather with SOS events. I believe in this convention and want to make it the best that it can be for everyone.

In my personal life, I have a work form home job that I love. This means I have to be organized in my daily life. I will take these organization and record keeping skills and apply them to the Administrative Assistant position if elected.

If elected I will attend all board meetings possible, or if unable to attend I will have the meetings taped to record notes at another time. I will organize and compile any and all notes and post them online in a timely manner to ensure the best quality of work.

Thank you for your consideration.
Connie Mohs

Kyle Mattson

With a passion for anime and video games, I found myself immersed in an amazing culture, with peers who shared the same hobbies and interests that I did. I have been attending conventions for roughly 10 years, throughout the Midwest. I have staffed many conventions, from tech, to security, to Division Head over Multiple departments. During this time, I had met so many wonderful people, my friends and I wanted to share that experience, and based it off of what made our first encounter so magical, and Co-founded This Is Geek.

Starting as a social network for geeks after a long history of staffing conventions, running small scale events and promoting geek culture This is Geek, formerly called Pop-Droid, restructured and re-branded to an all around geek culture and convention coverage magazine. In early 2014 after noticing a distinct lack of video game conventions in the Midwest, The idea of starting a gaming convention was formed and now is in planning.

As a candidate for Member at large, I would make the community my priority, as it was this that made my passion come to life. To ensure that everyone in this community feels welcomed and has a voice that will be heard. I would enjoy nothing more than to make new friends, to be more educated on the facets of this board, and to give back to the community, as much, if not more, than what it has given to me.

Thank you,
Kyle Mattson

Service to the Community

  • This Is Geek; Co-Founder (2013-Present)
  • Pop-Droid; Co-Founder (2009-2013)
  • Winter Warzone LAN; Event Coordinator (2014)
  • March Mayhem LAN; Event Coordinator (2013)
  • Anime Detour; Security Staff (2012-Present)
  • AniMinneapolis; Tech Staff (2011)
  • AniMinneapolis; Division Head (2012-2013)
  • MetaCon; Division Head (2012-2013)
  • Anime-Zing; Division Head (2013)

Anton Petersen

When I began this journey at Anime Detour's second year I had no idea what was in store for me. My knowledge of Anime was limited to Akira and Robotech and I don't believe I had ever read a Manga. You brought me into your group and made me feel welcome despite my lack of understanding. Over the years you have patiently explained why things like Butler's and Swim Teams are important. But more importantly you have taught me community and acceptance of all things. I wish to apply for a board position so that I may give some small measure back to you. I firmly believe that the family atmosphere of this organization needs to continue and to grow. I want to expand our outreach to other local groups and communities and let them know who we are and the great things we do now and the fantastic things we shall achieve in the future. Our charity work is something to be proud of and I would love to see it expanded. I vow to listen to every idea and every possibility with an open mind and heart. While I cannot promise we will do everything we will move forward with our hearts towards a brighter future, together.

Maxwell Vandervelde

I’m running for a member at large position on the board. For anyone who doesn’t know me, my name is Maxwell Vandervelde. I have been on the Anime Detour staff for the past two years, working on the web team with John Koniges. I’ve found the work for the organization extremely fulfilling and think it’s time to expand what I can help with.

Over the past few months I’ve attended the ATC board meetings as a fly on the wall, observing what our board does and how we operate. During just this short time I’ve seen all of the same qualities that I’ve enjoyed seeing in the Detour staff. I see a commitment to making the community better on a local level with events as well as a greater level through charities. I see transparency in the organization, listening to community questions, concerns, and new ideas. Most importantly, I see people taking their own time to make all of it happen. These are the qualities that I value so much in the Detour community and I want to help grow and support these qualities in the board.

I enjoy facilitating objective conversations, while still being able to provide my own opinions. I believe that keeping the organization goals in mind during decisions will help guide what we do, in order to help grow our community. I believe working strongly with others in the community will help us reach those goals. I hope to bring some new viewpoints to the board and work to create more of the magic that makes ATC special.

David Vetrovec

I have been involved as a staffer with Anime Detour since 2006, first as Vice Chairman/Treasurer/Vice President, and after a unfortunate sabbatical in Vermont, as the "Manga" division head. I also bring further experience on boards, as I am currently the treasurer of Geek Partnership Society. While I do intend to be a proponent for GPS, as I believe in both its utility and mission, I have pledged to recuse myself from any vote regarding funding or other associations with that organization. I also consider myself a conservative voice, that is, someone who tends to be cautious about any grandiose changes. The people who know me will say that I am assertive, and this is true - I am because I care, and I will never fail to speak up about both the positives and the pitfalls of Anime Twin Cities and Anime Detour. I feel that sometimes it is forgotten that while we do all these other fantastic and wonderful things, our original mission is our most important, and that these things should be "elated to the promotion and study of Japanese culture, specifically animated movies and television programs ("anime") and graphic novels ("manga") as well as the study of the Japanese language as it is used in anime and manga." I will be open to any idea, even if I do not agree, and I will to be open to the concerns of our members, which is the primary purpose of the board.

Michele Webber

Good evening -
I would like to be considered for a position on the ATC Board.

I would be new to the organization, but here's how I view the position. Outside perspective into the operations of any organization can bring to light a view that may have not been previously considered.

In previous roles, I have been an editor-in-chief of two game sites. producer of a podcast, and a leader on many other teams I served in the past. I aim to get work done when it is presented, and set a goal of always be improving with the team in which I work.

Most recently, I've taken on the same type of leadership role at Anime Detour within my own department. Most would come to me if there was a resolution needed from Photography.

I would want to bring the different perspectives, and my tendency to aim to be a positive mark and improve to the board.

Thanks for your time,

Michele Webber
Interim Photography Head