June 2021 Board Notes




Board Attended: David Vetrovec, Kim Hofer, Tristan Anderson, Allie Cassel
Board Absent: Ashley Rahn, John Itzin
Observers: Troy MacDonald


Meeting called to order approximately 18:30

Since this was the first meeting of the new board after the election, the board took the time to re-
introduce us to the membership. There was also a reminder on how to properly register attendance at
this online only board meeting.

  1. Recap off cycle board actions and votes
    David notified the board that he would be absent for the August board meeting as he would be
    travelling from Vermont to Connecticut to Pennsylvania to Indiana at that time. Kim as Vice-President
    should be handling the meeting; however, through mutual assent, it was designated that Tristan should
    take care of it.
  2. Open Session (First 30 minutes)
    No topics brough up.
  3. Planned Discussions from scheduled visiting parties/ATC Partners
    No visitors or discussions
  4. Equipment Rental Requests
    There are no requests.
  5. Coordinator Updates
    1. Anime Detour
      Troy indicated that the first meeting of the new convention cycle would be this Saturday, June
      12, at 1pm at the Waterbury (with an online option). The main agenda will be organizing for the
      first convention coming out of the COVID lockdowns. The convention is still facing the challenge
      of leadership roles needing to be filled. There is also the eternal issue of staff replacement. The
      Hyatt Regency Minneapolis should have our 2025-2026 contracts back this week for signing. The
      vice chairs are going through their one-on-one meetings, and they will be beginning the 2021-
      2022 budget process. They will have a department head’s meeting in July.
      David asked with CONvergence announcing a physical convention in 2021, would this reflect
      well on us having a physical one in March 2022?
      Troy responded that he was positive before CONvergence’s announcements, and he does not
      foresee a cap or any decrease in performance. However, before registration is open there are a
      number of things that need to be discussed, including mask/vaccination policy.
    2. Charities
      Charities have been very inactive because David is now president. He is still looking for a
      coordinator and has received the information from Kim that he requested last meeting.
    3. Communications
      There has been little activity because everyone is coming out of COVID restrictions.
      David asked if this included social media department. Has there been any incidents? Tristan
      replied in the negative
    4. Community
      There has been little activity because everyone is coming out of COVID restrictions.
    5. SOS
      There has been little activity because everyone is coming out of COVID restrictions.
    6. Finance
      Kim presented (albeit with some technical difficulty), the financial situation in graph form (see
      documents on sight). The number of refunds of memberships has slowed down considerably,
      with only one person in the last time period.
      David asked questions about memberships that are rolled to 2022. Kim said that Troy would ask
      Alex regarding them, but Anime Detour does have access.
      David asked about the frequency of the hotel bill. Kim detailed how the bills are sent to her.

      (15 minute break was declined by board – by no assent, the break was skipped)
  6. Updates on current Board projects
    1. Annual Picnic
      The board determined that the Annual Picnic should be on July 31 st .
    2. Board Events Calendar
      David wants to revise the board calendar. Tristan said we have is out of date from 2018.
    3. Calendar - Coordinator reviews
      David wanted to know if there was a specific form of review for the coordinators. Tristan said
      each chairman did their own thing. David proposed that they come up with a standard
      coordinator review procedure by June 30 th , board members submitted their reviews by the 7 th ,
      and we deliver to Troy on the 13 th (as he is the only coordinator).
    4. Calendar - “Coordinator Goals”
      David wanted clarification on coordinator goals – were they measurables that we judged
      coordinators against, and how would one do that for say Anime Detour. Tristan pointed out that
      the coordinators themselves define the goals, and they are used by board members to do
      reviews the next year.
    5. Calendar- Policy Review
      David wanted to eliminate a calendar month for this, but Tristan’s experience without a
      scheduled date it never gets reviewed. David suggested that he remind everyone to review
      policy in October, and that November will be the board meeting we discuss necessary revisions
      to policy.
    6. Calendar- Board Projects
      Tristan explained there’s really not a month for them. At the bottom of the agenda, the board
      projects being worked on are listed and the board members that are involved with these
      projects are listed.
    7. Calendar – Miscellaneous
      David assumed that the charities month will stay the same. Budget processes will be limited this
      year. The only thing we have is fixed expenses.
    8. Open Board Positions
      David asked the board if there were any leads on a Secretary or a Social Media Director. No one
      had any. Troy said they were looking for a specific director separate from the Marketing Head
      because Marketing is a big task. David asked what the difference is in workload between the AD
      Social media director and the ATC social media director. Tory believes AD has much more
      intensity, especially due to COVID, but Tristan would be better to speak to do it. Tristan says he
      does a good amount of legwork between AD and ATC, he knows. ATC is mostly event posting,
      but not comments, unlike AD. Tristan believes that before, most social media was the
      responsibility of specific coordinators, and he believes that ATC would have as busy as AD if the
      proper attention was paid to it.
      David asked is the expectation of a social media director to have at least two assistants. Tristan
      believes that depends on how many events get planned. If ATC goes to one to two events per
      month, a director will probably need to have a team of three to four. He gave an example of
      SOS, who has i’s own discord. If the responsibility of the social media director team would be to
      monitor that. Then a larger team would be necessary, unless they would only be posting events.
      David asked Tristan and the rest of the board to create a list of responsibilities for a social media
      director. Hotura and Tristan discussed the dangers and advantages of Tik Tok
    9. Official Documents
      David wanted to be certain that the policy for official documents that the original hard copy of
      all documents be kept in the office at the Waterbury. Tristan expressed concern that the office
      doesn’t have a locked cabinet, and it was. Tristan suggested that a policy should be put together
      defining it as such.
    10. Office Cleanup
      David is going to attempt to clean up the office.
    11. GPS partnership agreement negotiations
      David used to handle negotiations between GPS and ATC, because he was the treasurer of GPS.
      As part of his election, he must recuse himself from the process. But he wanted to have
      someone volunteer to be in charge of negotiations. Kim didn’t want to be the sole
      representative. Tristan volunteered; Hotura declined, but Alli said she would help. Troy
      indicated he would like some input but understands the position.
    12. Google Voice
      Kim brought up that the Google Voice function will end on June 20 th . Tristan can only remember
      receiving spam calls. No one is in the office for any length of time.
      There were no questions from the Chat.

Meeting adjourned at 21:50