May 2021 Board Notes




Board Attended: Tristan Anderson, Christina Kramer, David Vetrovec,, Kim Hofer, Ashley Rahn, Allie Cassel, Hotura Vo
Board Absent: John Itzin
Observers: Troy Macdonald


Meeting called to order 18:33

  1. Recap off cycle board actions and votes

    • Welcome Alli to board

    • Congrats Dave on new President role

    • Christina is resigning as Secretary after this meeting as her term ended

      1. An email will be sent to try to find a replacement

  2. Open Session (First 30 minutes)

    • n/a

  3. Planned Discussions from scheduled visiting parties/ATC Partners

    • n/a

  4. Equipment Rental Requests

    • n/a

Coordinator Updates

  • Anime Detour

    • Had executive post mortem, discussed a lot of admin things

    • Trying to figure out post covid planning

      • Might effect panel slots, depends on what cleaning needs to be done. 

    • Looking to fill some leadership positions

    • Waiting for contracts to come back from hotel for signing

    • Don’t have a lot of new things happening right now, in a holding pattern.

  • Charities

    • Dave is looking to get addresses from Kim for letter to previous recipients. 

  • Finance

    • Rent cost was a little high in April due to the lights getting left on in the storage space but that has been fixed. 

    • Account Balances 

      • Bank Account $162,676.62

      • Education Fund $2,262.50

      • LEG $12,998.95

    • Need to look into the definition of what the Community Fund is “for”

  • Communities

    • n/a

  • Communications

    • n/a

  • SOS

    • n/a

Updates on current Board projects

  1. Possible picnic planning

    • Should be able to plan a date after May 28th per current guidelines

    • Wants to try to use it as an opportunity for recruitment

    • Looking at a date in August, possibly do a potluck?

    • Trying to decide to have it be open to AD Staff or ATC Membership

    • Could try to get a food truck 

    • Dave will email those interested in planning to figure out details.  

Meeting adjourned at 19:21