April 2021 Board Notes




Board Attended: Tristan Anderson, Christina Kramer, David Vetrovec, John Itzin, Kim Hofer, Ashley Rahn
Board Absent: Hotura Vo
Observers: Troy Macdonald


Meeting called to order 18:35


  1. Recap off cycle board actions and votes

  2. Open Session (First 30 minutes)

    • Any members of the community can bring new business to discuss with the board

  3. Planned Discussions from scheduled visiting parties/ATC Partners

    • n/a

  4. Equipment Rental Requests

    • n/a

Coordinator Updates

  • Anime Detour

    • We had the online event the first weekend of April, thank you to the teams that all helped to put that together

    • We had very few minor issues, that were taken care of swiftly

    • The are working on compiling the stats

      • The executive team will be meeting with the master team to put together

    • Troy was able to watch almost all of the content, it was a very different experience but was enjoyable

    • Will be getting feedback from the public that attended, will be different feedback then what we will see from a normal con

    • Will be looking at getting feedback from staff at our first planning meeting back, vs a short seperate meeting for post mortem

    • Vice chairs will be meeting with their departments to do their annual reviews for the year, but will be different this year due to event being online. 

    • Got the schedule out for future planning meetings, currently all are planned to be virtual until circumstances change.

  • Charities

    • Minneapolis Public libraries did ask for a donation this year, we did decline them until possibly next year. 

    • Question about loan policy and community fund and education fund policies

    • Per state policies - we are not allowed to give out loans

    • The LEG fund policy is on the policies page

  • Communities

    • n/a

  • Communications

    • n/a

  • SOS

    • n/a

  • Finance

    • ATC Membership Purchases came in

    • Eballot billed twice just due to their billing cycle (were not in the last one)

    • Account Balances

      • Bank Account $164,063.30

      • Education Fund $2,262.49

      • LEG Fund $12,998.84

    • Our annual report was received by the State of MN so we are good there

    • Anime Detour Merchandise online store: $1500.82

      • Store will stay open until the 30th 

 Updates on current Board projects

  1. Annual Meeting Discussion

    • In the past the annual meeting was always held during the Anime Detour Post Mortem, but with our bylaws update, we are helping to express that we are separate entities by having a separate event

    • The Annual Meeting will be held at 1pm on Saturday May 1st. 

    • We will be giving a short status update on the organization during this meeting as well. 

    • The voting period will be 24 hours, it will be from Friday April 30th at 1pm to Saturday May 1st at 1pm. 

    • We currently have not received any applications for an open position

    • Per our bylaws if we have already served 2 terms we have to abstain for 2 years, however if we do not get enough applicants, then those leaving can rerun. 

    • The deadline for applications is 11:59pm tonight 4/13/21. 

    • Anyone submitting to run after that time period would be a write in. 

  2. GPS Funding Discussion

    • We have discussed that the space we get for the price we are paying is pretty good, and trying to depend on free spaces would be unreliable, also unknown internet reliability at a free space. 

    • Especially since most of our scheduling is on the weekends, and we have sort of preferred scheduling with GPS, vs having to compete with the public for spaces on the weekend. 

    • We will stay in the contract

    • Us staying in GPS doesn’t necessarily mean they will be able to continue to function 

    • Looking at trying to find other alternatives might end up being a higher costing line item, and it is better for the community to try to maintain this space. 

  3. Anime Detour Badge Prices

    • We have been trying to keep prices affordable and reasonable but we have been accruing more costs, ex, food trucks, inflation etc. 

    • Do not think this year is a good year to look into adjusting admission prices

    • Chairman will have this discussion with the executive team during post mortem meetings (generally in June), so would be discussing roughly 2 years in advance.

    • Also can look into discussing ATC Membership dues. 

  4. Reminder the election will take place before the next board meeting. The May meeting will be the transition meeting and the June meeting will be the first full meeting for newly elected members. 

Open Board Projects/Future Meeting discussions (sorted by due date):


Meeting Month <Caretaker(s)> - Example Project

  • April <Board> - Annual Meeting Discussion

  • April <Board> - GPS Funding Discussion

  • April <Board> - ATC Budget Funding Graphic / Explanation

Please contact atcboard@animetwincities.org or atc_secretary@animetwincities.org if you would like to be added to the agenda for discussion items. 

Meeting adjourned 19:50