February 2017 Board Notes




Board Attended: Michelle, Kale, Troy, Kim, Joe, Max, John Koniges, Lauren Dave, Andy, Morgan
Board Absent:


Anime Twin Cities Monthly Board Meeting - February 14


Open Session




Coordinator Updates




Open Session



Finance Updates

Taxes complete.

Quarterly payment from Amazon Smile - $110.91 (October - December)

Insurance up for renewal - March 14th Premium went up $40

Possibly able to renegotiate

Account at 338,815.33- See attachment.

$1800/day coming in (30k estimated by event date)

Registrations are at 3938 as of today.


Coordinator Updates


Prepping for Steps of Hope in March. Articles of Incorporation Amendment.
Article 3 - Would like to realign to allow more.
The corporation shall be authorized to make contributions to any organizations- etc etc.
See vote #1


Social Outreach

Anime Outpost went well. Over 70 in attendance. $170 earned from concessions and sales.


Anime Movie night @ Waterbury in March - Late march

Copy Coordinators on Agenda.



Social Media

Need names of 2018 guests.
Need coordination on social media policy.
CW meeting was informative - Method of marketing. New age media vs old age media.
Present advertising after post-mortem.

Anime Detour
Ambassador tables No major updates.

Vote on Amendment to Article III pending review by lawyer.

Specific email address



Replacement of Andrew Lunceford

Taking submissions for ATC Board - Member at Large

Would like to fill prior to Anime Detour
End of submissions - March 11th
Voting - March 14th

Send out application info right after AD notes

Letter / Email Signature
Board members / Charity on charity

Vote on Signature block
No objections - vote passed
All in favor //


Email voting //
Second vote

Secretary start second chain


Attempt must be made to contact voting board members outside of email
Ratified at next board meeting

Vote to pass email voting - Lauren

Seconded - Michelle

All Yays no Nays

Online vote for postponing meeting - denied

//General guidelines

More clear job responsibilities
Dedicated descriptions of board

Board vs Detour on various topics

Rin - Proposed Diversity Questionnaire
Email Rin - Board Opposes


Proposal on communication


11:59 board positions using board email - Term ends 2018
Deadline for standard board submissions -