October 2016 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, Troy, Dave, Max, Michele, Andrew
Board Absent: Joseph
Observers: Heather, Morgan Members: John, Kevin, Andy


Open Discussions:

John - Scavenger hunt, do we want to offer up 2018 badges?




Coordinator Updates:

    SOS (Heather) - Kotatsu good, biggest turnout in the last six months last week (19 people).  Cosplay Fest didn’t go as well. After discussions from people with comments, possible factors are cost and time of year, going to take one more stab before giving up. Post meeting hang out hour is next meeting.


    Charities - This saturday is Pumpkin trolley. Brian, Sari, Lauren helping. Looking for up to one more person.  Budget submitted.  EdJ - now has documentation in to Dave, will send documentation to Kim.

    Troy - Discussion on note voting, until we get all the paperwork/documentation of their bills before approving medical funds.


    Social Media (Morgan) - 6-7 Paragraph long post outlining why he won’t return to us. It’s not the post but the comments from internal ATC staff. Morgan is reiterating anyone responding back to comments need to have a discussion with her first.

    John - forwarded to board/division heads, hard to control 200 staffers.

    Troy - We’ve sent out emails saying don’t respond as part of the board, shouldn’t be hard for our staff to do the same about staff.  We need to take things seriously no matter how the complaints are received.

    Dave - We are not a business, we are a volunteer organization. We can tell them but they won’t listen. All we can do is fire them, they don’t lose money. Are we going to ask them to leave staff if they do it?

    Troy - We can speak as an adult, and we can talk to them as such. We have expectations, and if they take pride in it.

    Dave -  We need something written down.  And it needs ‘teeth’ with real consequences.

    Andy - Who’s the moderator of the fan groups? (fan group, we don’t know the mods). We can ask the moderators to add a note that nothing is considered from staff unless it comes from AD official account.

    John - It ends badly when we try to dictate fan groups

    Andrew - What are we doing to solve the actual problem about who knows who to talk to?

    Morgan - during cons we ask them to talk to us.

    Andrew - Need to focus on prevention. Make sure it’s well known if you have an issue, go to this location. Do not talk to staff, don’t do other things, just go talk to X or go to place X.

    Dave - That is like a con issue, not communication.

    Lauren - Is this a con discussion or media to push people to operations?

    Troy - There’s the at-con, and the other 360 days a year.

    Max - When was the last time we communicated about not responding back to people online?

    Lauren - We think it’s post-mortem, but not sure if there’s an official e-mail. Write up an official e-mail and we can send it quarterly, and a form letter that’s a friendly but stern e-mail for first offences.

    John - There’s only two staff members responding, nobody saying they are staff, but Rin has staff in her hover-text. And the come talk to us wasn’t full dismissive.

    Troy - don’t want to sound like we are being dismissive.

    Lauren - Staff has a reputation of being unfriendly. We should outline the various avenues they can talk to us.

    Troy - Unfriendly staff generally is with one department.

    Max - Will we be more approachable if we teach our staff to not respond? Is this an ATC matter or AD?

    Troy - Without ATC no AD.

    Morgan - Still falls under Media.

    John - This is AD matter and the division heads and Jayson need to figure out how we are going to respond, and handle it. And staff should not identify as staff. And let Morgan do their job.

    Troy - if people have an issue with Jayson or his events? Where do they go? We are telling them not to come to us. It’s okay for us to have an opinion on how we run our largest event.

    Dave - We can’t do this. We can’t override what the convention staff is doing. We need to make Jayson remind his staff that Morgan is the coordinator for Media.

    Troy - So we don’t have any say in our event outside firing chairman?

    Lauren - We can’t.

    Dave - It’s our charter. We’d have to change it.

    Troy - We are shutting people down.

    John - We are missing the chairman tonight, and things might get lost, and we should e-mail them to chairman and division head set up a meeting with Morgan. What will we accomplish talking about this in the next hour without them?

    Max - Jayson doesn’t had any time to respond and we are already taking it away from him.

    Morgan - Same department we had issue with at Detour. Not impressed with Charman’s answer.

    Lauren - Resolution proposed division/chairman will setup a meeting with Morgan to work out a resolution.

    Michele - we trust morgan gave her the position, let’s let her do her job.


    Social Media (Morgan) - Need staff. Need staff.

    Lauren - if you have feedback on on review let us know.

    Andy - What are you doing to recruit staff?

    Morgan - Nothing, no time. Barely able to make the board meeting due to work schedule. Cleared for rest of year for now. Trying best to get things done.

    Troy - This can’t be intended for coordinators. If some of us can get access and take work off Morgan, need to set up time to figure it out. Troy willing to help.


    Financial - (Kim) : Will have taxes over by end of month to people. LEG account negated 5K+ and transfered $5k into it. $20,790 in fund. Haven’t paid EdJ and other check didn’t get cashed yet.

        Lauren - Did we set a cap on the account? We had to disperse if we hit a certain number. Not that we’ll hit it due to giving out stuff soon.

        Kim - Another check came in, and we can always transfer to education?

        Kim - Is Fusion Taking Radios?

        Andrew - Yes, all the radios.

        Kim - Need to get Kraig invoice.


ATC Budget -

    Kim - not a lot is changing. Only really reduced wells fargo fees. Also attempting more square instead of merchant account.  Did leave Jayson’s leadership class on there, not sure if it’s happening or not.  Big increase in insurance, almost double from anticipated. But also a lot more higher price equipment.  Legal fee don’t expect full amount, but haven’t heard from him yet. Matt didn’t say if he’s increasing, just accounting for it.

    Lauren - VOTE : Motion to approve the budget? (2nd Dave). All members vote to  approve.  Motion passes.


Club Budget - no new goals outside goals provided when requested position.  

    Anime club has a budget from us and gps and haven’t submitted anything.

    Lauren - VOTE: Motion to approve budget. (2nd Dave) - $550 budget for clubs.  All members vote to approve.. Motion passes.


Room Parties - The Hue lights are very expensive. We normally give a budget and let them figure it out. We can give them choice between MarsCon and HueLights?  

    Do we feel comfortable letting Morgan pass on our discussions?

    Lauren - VOTE: To Motion to approve budget less the $600 - $1830 (2nd Dave).  All members vote to approve. Motion passes.


Social Media - Would like to keep the same budget as last time, even though none was used last year.

    Lauren - Can you adjust to $1500 - so we can make flyers.

    Morgan - YES.

    Dave - VOTE: To motion to approve $1500 (2nd Troy). Max/Andrew abstain. Lauren, Kim, Michelle, Troy, and Dave approve. Motion passes.


Charities - Last year Kale requested $3600, spent only $1146.91.  Requesting $1500 (branded swag), $750 (events), $250 (Professional services), $500 (Breakfast Dinners) for a total $3000 budget.

    Lauren - VOTE Motion to approve budget (2nd Kim) - Troy /Michele / Andrew Abstained... Max, Dave, Kim, & Lauren vote approved.  Motion passes.


SOS - Budget contains writeups of role, description of SOS, and goals.  Would like to have SOS a way to donate back to community in non-monetary ways instead of another revenue stream. Budget request of $5000.

    Dave - VOTE Motion to approve budget and commend SOS director for a great well thoughtout budget document (2nd Troy) -

        Approved: All members vote to approve.


Agenda Business:


Pics & Bio on website. - Shall we make a deadline to write own bio before next meeting? Criteria? Nothing more than a paragraph. Keep it related with your history with ATC/AD or job related skills. Submit to media coordinator first? Shouldn’t need too. Send directly to IT.  This is for all Board and Coordinators.


Ad Creation - How to remember when advertisements are due?  Lauren - A month before publications deadline for Detour, we create an ad we use for the rest of the year. Agreement.

Is the fusion ad in a state we can continue to use?.


Days to Talk about Jayson’s Budget -- Yes, Nov 7th.  Dave to double check GPS availability.


Board Announcements - Troy will do them at next meeting.


Max - is there an ATC room in Slack? If I create it will it be used?  Max to set up Lauren and Morgan with accounts.  And write up something.


Lauren (2nd Troy) - All members vote to approve.  Motion to adjourn @ 20:08.