September 2016 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Dave, Max, Andy, Kim, Michele, Troy, Joseph
Board Absent:
Observers: Anton, Jayson, Kevin


Open session
Anton Peterson -
Gaylaxicon is in three weeks and would ATC like to sponsor one of the guests by paying for flight. Shout Out in program book
Taking place at Doubletree Park Place, is a non-profit organization

Falls under coordinator.
No budget available.

Coordinator update
Anime Detour: Millennium will be sending contract, no financial obligation to give room rates based upon Hyatt room rates.
In accordance with supply and demand, if they only have a few rooms left they may raise the price a little bit.

Would like to give us something comparable to the Doubletrees banquet.

Starting a sub department of operations, accessibility.
Stacy will be heading that up.

Andy Murphy - MAP Training

392 registered currently.
$210700 currently in account
Education fund currently at $10000
Community fund at $15,700
Got $42.19 from Amazon smile
No donation checks coming in
Should make our match donation for LEG Fund

Sent coordinators budget report.

AUSM sent over book with Anime Twin Cities advertisement

Received documentation about house repair bill due to tree.
Asked for $1000 matches the documentation. Christine Davies

Documentation from Emily Dejesus
There are no dates or itemization. We need more detailed copies.
Sending and email to all district activities director. Has contacted a couple of schools.



Red cross contacted Jayson, The region has put in a new policy. A month before heroes event they would like the money. This can affect Anime Detour if they fall later than a month before.

Put money towards Red Cross and roll over toward following year.

Dave - We need to donate more than $10k for American Red Cross auction. There are two breakfasts, the one to get into is over $10k. Pay ahead one year in advance. We donate money to the red cross to donate to the red cross.

Money donated as if two separate donations. We are a standing founder. Look what this company is doing.


Will not make the timeline in 2018. Will make it in 2017.
Have to double check dates.

Tech is talking about livestreaming Masq and auction

Main programming auction 2018 - Can we continue to allow people to come in and bid without registering

Postpone to later meeting - October

----Coordinators closed


Equipment request

Was not approved because they had not paid for prior year.
Form not within 90 day limit
Motion for vote - Dave
Seconded Michele
All in favor rejected - Andrew will reach out

Dave motion

Michele seconded

All in favor - request to deny passed


----Schedule date for budget meeting
Tuesdays are good.

Budget needs to be decided on before the final board member.
Needs to be done before the 14th
October 21st - Anime Fusion

Have to meet between Oct 25th and Nov 11th
Jayson to email three potential dates to the board

Motion to move meeting to Tuesdays
Third and fourth tuesdays taken
First tuesday is SOS
Second tuesday is free

Second tuesday of month nothing booked

Motion to change - Lauren
Seconded - Michele
Beginning with December
All in favor

----Uniform response
Chairman has received an email regarding site
Entire community is split
No matter who they got blasted

Express policy that we have, no legal reason why they should not be here.

Draft sample statement and vote on it at next meeting.
Dave will draft sample and email to media coordinator

---Uniform email signature
Michele will create a uniform email signature.

Fundraising idea for Xcel and Target Center
Not sure if they can get enough people
Considered Valleyfair, smaller commitment.
Valleyfair charities will give free passes to charity auctions

Trademark enforcement
No need to have ™  on logo, just need to keep enforcement active

Emailed board asking about videos from cosplay contest.

Lauren has finished projects list.
Will email tomorrow.


Motion to adjourn

Passed - Meeting adjourned