August 2016 Board Notes




Board Attended: KimHofer, Dave Vetrovik, Michele Webber, Andrew Lunceford, Troy MacDonald, Joseph Opsahl
Board Absent: Lauren Gannan
Observers: Kevin Ehler, John Koniges, Erick Hofer, Heather Bufkin, Jayson Stobb


Kevin: Proposal to change Coordinator reviews to one month prior to elections as opposed to after board elections.

Potentially move reviews to to May – May is also charitable giving
If we move to April we run into Anime Detour planning

Heather: Lauren wanted them to come from the board members.
Officially send it to a board member, board member can send them in on someone's behalf

Troy: Would anyone have an issue if it was outgoing board members.
On outgoing years this would be two or three more reviews

Jayson: Id you do reviews anywhere near Detour, would not be able to pay attention.
Would lean towards allowing previous board members to submit, as opposed to moving it.

Kim: Does anyone want to motion to change it.
Kevin:Former board members

Motion to allow outgoing board members to submit reviews
All in favor
Motion passed

Andrew – Can we change meeting dates to avoid noise.
Troy - I have prior obligation with work – pto submitted until December
Dave – I checked with Ann – Tuesdays are open
That would be the second Tuesday of every month.
Kim – Does second Tuesday of the month conflict with S.O.S.
Heather – Those are the fourth Tuesday

Jayson – Troy would you be able to work with it starting next year
Troy – I could maybe work noon-5, get out at 5 and head here.
Kim – Do a review and shoot the board and email
Dave – Would you like an exhaustive survey of what days are open.
Kim – Table for next month – Discussion

------Open session closed -----

Quiet time – Not a lot going on with money (registrations are slow)

$35 short of hitting $5000 matching goal.
Cost of main locker going up $35
6 months at $189– After 6 months $438

Coordinator reviews

Kale and Morgan -
I reached out to Kale and Morgan regarding questions and concerns about reviews.
Did not hear back from Morgan.
Kale has been thinking about how to make the charities work better.
Did not go into detail.

Dave: Currently for charities It is currently Kale and Myself. We need ideas and volunteers. Especially with AUSM. Kale got promoted and does not have as much time to focus.
We need more people to help promote and staff.

Andrew: If you can provide a concept that you can focus around. We need more than a concept.

Dave: We would need ideas for those themes.  If you can get ideas, we will get you volunteers.
We need more money to come in. For both standard charities and the LEG Fund.

Erick: Valley fair does a fundraising thing – Open until 6
GPS Does it with Ren Fest, not only during valley fair, also during ValleyScare

Dave: Can you send me the info.

-----Done with Kale

---Morgan Review
Andrew: Needs to work on communication
Kim: I too find her diff
Dave: Communication isn’t the problem I have with her, sometimes she has more leeway in direction. She can edit out requests from other people as she sees fit. If she doesn’t like something for social media.  I asked that she before the convention promoted MN Rufflebutts. She didn’t say anything about them and didn’t promote them, because they have a bad reputation. The point is that she didn’t tell me in advance that they were not getting promoted.

Michelle: This is part of our project.
Troy: What project.
Andrew: Defining the role of the media coordinator. We have not had time to sit down and write it.
That is where that role will be defined.
Troy: I wonder if we were more focused on filling the spot instead of defining the position.
Heather: I think it may have been purposefully ambiguous.
Kim: Do you have a timeline.
Michelle: We can try to present it in the next week.
Kim: Is this for every department.
Andrew: No, just for social media. For example, I have no idea what Heathers role is. But she does get it properly.

Troy: Along those lines I believe at this point if we have no defined roles for these, we are behind on the 8-ball.  It would be nice if we had them defined if someone leaves. We know that Heather does a lot of work, but we don’t know a lot of what happens in the middle.
For coordinators we would want them to help us write them.

Will draft something for next month for media coordinators.

Heather: I would like it if we could submit our own definition.

Jayson: what I will do and I’m going to send it to everyone, and we will see conflicting information. Mainly to see if I am stepping over the board or visa versa, just to focus on getting the grey areas outlines. For example, with the Hyatt contract signed I am contacting the parking lots of Minneapolis. There is nothing lined out that says that is my responsibility.

Kim: Okay, let's concentrate on Morgan.
Troy: I think one of the problems is staffing. External commitments are something everyone has, are we able to do anything as a board to help identify locate and funnel staff to that department.

Eric: Isn’t that the room parties job, especially since I have been taking up a lot of her projects.

Troy: nothing that would step on the room parties.
Andrew: Everyone gives Morgan tasks. There needs to be a submission form.
Michelle: Work on a recruiting plan. I think that would be very valuable. Who can I get to staff and not rely on the same avenues as always, that could dry up.

Max: We just put out an email asking if Department heads need staff.

Andrew: This all comes down to definitions. Is she an ATC coordinator or AD Department head.

Troy: We’ve identified Morgan needs staff, but does not need as much staff as initially thought.  Such as room parties.

Erick: We have 9 host staff.

Update: Hyatt contract is signed – Reached out to Millennium, is working with me on staff dinner.
Millennium is option for Staff hotel. Working on getting us on offer with a room rate similar to the hyatt.

Reached out to Meet Minneapolis, there is a board of hotels and parking ramps that will gather all of the information. They will reach out to us. website will be posting Anime Detour prior to the event. Will send me wording – Free advertisement.

Tomodachi will do bag stuffers, trying to get Eagle Anime to do the same.

Andy: Is having the staff stay at a different hotel a step back in regard to logistics.

No the millennium and the hyatt are shorter than the short tower to the long tower.

Dave: At GenCon 2003, there was a Millennium, in the millennium there were no issues at all.

Troy: So are we seeing that as staff have the option of Hyatt or Millennium and Millennium will be our first ring overflow.

Millennium will be our first ring overflow, the rest will be the second, if someone comes up saying that they are anime detour I would like them to get the event rate. That avoids us having to sign into a contract for room blocks with a minimum room block. No obligation on our behalf.

Erick: can you get me a list of those hotels as soon as possible so we can work on routes with the buses.

Meet Minneapolis is also a non-profit who sends out staff to volunteer at events. I am not sure what that involves.  Also gets free advertisements throughout Minneapolis .

We are also reaching out to Metro transit for affordable transit options.

We do a lot of Ad Swaps, I would like to mention Anime Detour on the Ad  swaps

Joe: I have been adding AD to any ATC adverts I have designed.

I would also like to include Anime detour advertisements for Room parties and events.

Would also like to include Anime Twin Cities verbiage under Anime Detour logo on items.

Erick: Might be easier to get Room parties into other conventions to do ambassador tables.

Heather: Make sure to coordinate with media to make sure you don’t send two people to the same convention.

Erick: I believe it would still fall under us as we request through parties at anime twin cities dot org and do the submission.

Troy: that way if Jayson wants to come and run the table as the chairman.

---------Anime Detour End------

Just talked to Ann, the ATC Youtube club is getting put into production. Speaking with Stephen directly, is aware that it is an approved club.

Waiting to get in contact with schools. Is difficult during summer school. Regular staff will not be In until at least next week. I will start emailing people the week before Kim and I go on vacation. That is when all the normal faculty will be back in school. --- Project currently put on hold until the staff gets back into the local area schools.


Back to Jayson (In regards to coordinator review)

I have no rebuttals as everyone has valid concerns. If I were to defend myself, that would contradict my asking for feedback.

I can elaborate on certain areas, maybe you guys don’t know things.

Andrew: There are plenty of things we don’t know. I don’t know half of what you are doing. You bring things last minute. You communication was lacking this last year. In the process I don’t view you as a leader anymore, I view Andy as my leader. I don’t feel as if I should communicate with you at all.

Erick: There are some times where it is great we have a division head, but there are times where we need an immediate answer from you.

Dave: That’s unfair. You were supposed to go to your division head. To criticize that he is above it is unfair. Now you are saying you want to go directly to Jayson.

Erick: There are sometimes where he's the star of the show, and we need input.

Andy: As Dave mentioned, everybody was going to the chair and was wearing out Kale or Gifford.

Troy: My question is, how do we reconcile this and have assemblies to reconcile chain of command, but not everything can circumnavigate division heads.  He doesn’t always send Andrews division head.

Andrew: I have to be the design, the face of detour to an extent. You have a thought you wanted to do it, you have an idea, I want to see it happen. But I could not coordinate with you. I’m not going to go to you with budget requests.

Michelle: You should go through a division head in most cases. You need to use judgement.

We have a lot of staff members; I am not going to discredit anyone’s opinion or thought that is given to me.

Troy: I think on the positive side, I think Jayson has done a positive job of walking through the hotel contract prospect. I get my information on that through his emails. We are at 32 revisions of a 35-page contract and he has gone through it line by line every time and informed us of any changes. In Jayson tenure we have in the first time adjusted by 1000 people and gone through a hotel change, after years.

Andy: Over the years, the job of the chairman has become a more public position, there is more to do as the public face of the convention. Two, I agree that there are matters that could be directed to the chair directly. We’ve got 20 other departments that may feel as important. Maybe Jayson could create a list that ranks departments on who can come to him with certain issues.

Jayson: I wouldn’t rank, but at least sit with the division heads to discuss what matters can come directly to me. One could be guests for example, or another one could be a theme. The PR aspect of the chairman has continued to grow, and has grown.

Michele: As an idea is to keep the chain of command in line and have the discussion of the division heads have them go straight to Jayson.

Jayson: To make it easier on any chairman, I would still want to write it down. Right now we are actually discussing what the role is and actually write it out. In the end this role is very diverse. In the end you have to be prepared for everyone.

SOS Updates

Heather: Put up the event for the swap meet, which we have gotten a lot of responses on.

This Saturday we have the cosplay fest, aside from getting materials together we have all the staff we need.

Hoping for at least half a dozen participants and a few audience members. There is a max of 50 attendees. The reason for the cap is workshop space. I don’t want anyone spending money on an event and feel like they have wasted their 10 bucks.

last year we only had 12-15 people, so I am not too worried about it. As a general FYI, I do actually have a fairly extensive set of nodes on google drive. If I can’t go to something or if something happens everything is on there.  I don’t have a job description yet.

We have the drive in and the second picnic after the detour meeting, on the same weekend.
Garage is organized now!



Heather: On the whole I’m not going to argue back. But there is one item that I wanted to speak to.
     The particular item in question is the behavior on my personal social media, and I am not going to censor it. I do that rarely and think very carefully about what I write.
I have specifically decided to not censor myself, just because I have a leadership position. I don’t do it in public. But I a not going to cover it up on my personal space or page. We are a business, but I a not going to sacrifice myself on my friends locked page.

Andrew: You’ve done a phenomenal job. You put in more than 100% and you don’t get as much support as you should. Anyone saying that you can’t post on your own personal page, that’s a joke.