April 2015 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, John, Brian, Sari, Kevin, Troy
Board Absent: Andy
Observers: Kale, Heather, Damarra Atkins, Ryan Kopf, Matt McMillan, Kat Pepmiller, Maxwell Vandervelde, Dave Vetrovec, Michele Webber, Viola Ganann


Kevin taking notes


Heather > Boston, has an independent officer level position dealing with higher level staffing at con. Maybe a third party can manage, even intake paperwork, etc...

Heather > Operation Hammond > non-profit group goes around and maintains first aid insurance, has own insurance, etc... Looks like they might look into us for funding... Might look into a chapter in our area with a lot of resources people have in this network... Heather to let them know this month is a good time to give us a grant proposal.


Heather > Spent most of post-mortem talking to Sam (new person about new people need voice) - Heather took notes and in contact. Looking at how to handle staff support. Met with Jayson.


Ryan Kopf (AnimeCon.org/Anniminneapolis) - 2nd year Anniminneapolis is doing a charity auction giving to St. Jude.  We will get Ryan in touch with Christina. He will e-mail ad_art@.

He doesn’t give operational budget to charities, but does donate 10-20% from date auction to St. Jude.  He wants to do more in community but right now focuses on events.

Anniminneapolis is expecting 4,000 this next upcoming year.  100% auction proceeds go to Charities.


Console Room > Equipment Request > Written up by KaleG. Tree, (new)Sound Board, AV rack, cable snake, radios, New wireless Mics, speakers, monitors, subs, bellazar computer, fendor pc, fendor sub, projector, screen, potentially more projectors and screens. They are still figuring out if more are needed yet... Console room has been accepted as a 501(c)3 just waiting for final paper work. Plus Radio accessories.

Brian > We should consider charging a fee for the projectors like we do the radios to replace bulbs. For future.

Dave > We should have about 43 radios available.

VOTE - Lauren / 2:John [[7 FOR, 0 against]]


Kale>> Bylaws, section 5, amendments can be proposed by anyone.....

Anyone can submit a request to submit any number of votes to do anything and tie us up forever the next meeting (and the meeting isn’t defined, could be SOS, Detour, etc...).

KALE hereby proposes a change to bylaw 5 and article 2 section 1b as defined (taken from email):

Amendments to the Bylaws may be proposed by any regular member and approved by a twothirds vote of the regular members in attendance at the next meeting after the proposed amendment has been brought up. The definition of group memberships and appointment of additional officers do not require a vote by the membership and are the only exception to this article.

Amendments to the Bylaws may be proposed at any regular Board Meeting by any regular member (defined as a member of Anime Twin Cities, a member of Anime Detour, or a staffer on ATC, AD, Strategic Outreach Services (SOS), ATC Charities, ATC Clubs, or any future sub-division of ATC placed under the control of an ATC coordinator).  Amendments will then be examined and voted on by the ATC board within one quarter (three meetings).  Any bylaw changes approved by the Board will not go into effect until after they are ratified by a two-thirds vote of the regular voting members in attendance at the next Anime Detour planning meeting that occurs more than four weeks after the proposed amendment has been voted on. When the proposed amendment change is approved by the board, it must be emailed to the voting membership within one week of the board meeting, and again one week prior to the meeting.  If the membership believes the board is passing over valid amendments, they may force a vote at the next Anime Detour meeting more than a month out following the same rules as above by collecting a signed petition of 51% or more of the current voting membership.  In the interest of transparency, the board will make a list of the voting membership available on demand.  The definition of coordinator group memberships and appointment of additional coordinators do not require a vote by the membership and are the only exception to this article.

b. Meetings Members must have attended and signed in at sixty percent of the meetings held in the last year by the same ATC coordinator in order to qualify for voting rights. The meetings would count from the previous year’s Anime Detour post-mortem.

b. Meetings Members must have attended and signed in at sixty percent of the meetings held in the convention cycle year by the any one ATC coordinator who has held six or more meetings within the convention cycle year in order to qualify for voting rights. The meetings would count from the previous year’s Anime Detour post-mortem


When is a membership count for ATC? Till next Detour? Till next Calendar? Post-Mortem to Post-Mortem? Most people like post-mortem to post-mortem.

Sari/Brian to write an amendment for this for next session.


Kevin > If we don’t use coordinator position then if we let one go then we could invalidate all votes in an election.  If we use “in good standing” however without it we could allow erroneous voters.


These bylaw discussions are being delayed to work on via e-mail and next meeting.


Lauren >> We moved the charities vote to the next meeting past to allow new members to vote proxy based on old members for charities.


Lauren > Jayson(not present) and everyone else -- Announcement requests through appropriate coordinators (ie: Camping through SOS), this is because there is too many e-mails are going through according to our staff.

Lauren > official announcements before meeting, unofficial ones after the meeting

Michelle> Agenda for Detour meetings

Lauren > need new secretary for Detour Meetings

Matt>Too much chat in meetings.

John>List for Detour, revive staff section of the website. Allow making staff announcements.

Sari> Don’t take away staff right to speak. Like Gifford’s system bring any announcements you need AHEAD of time to Chairman's agenda so it doesn’t go on forever.

Kevin>Can we create a 2nd email list locked down for just important announcements

Lauren>This will be handled maybe by media coordinator and newsletter, etc...

Launen>To send email to Jayson to ensure agenda and announcements are broken down properly.


Coordinator Updates>>

SOS>Heather > More frequent updates.  Cosplay fest coming up in Sept. Starting to plan. Considering GPS as location but not sure.  Other suggestions from team.  Kotatsu continuing.


Treasurer>Kim>We got Awesome Inspiration Big Dinner May 1st dinner, tickets $75 or 10(table) for $750.   Newsletter from St. Paul Sister city with events.

Heather>To distribute Sister City events

Kim> $750 from 3M (Heather) for LEG.  New Japan account for scholarship. This now has $5769, goal is 10K.  Leg account ahs $37K in it. Will pay Hotel tomorrow. GPS bill and tech are due to.  Just over $330K in the bank. We should be able to do what we did last year for charity if not more, Kim will provide more data later.

Lauren> Money for microsoft? Where is it going?

Kim>Likely won’t get until June. Maybe LEG account?

Kale>They would like to donate to community fund.

Kim>You have to volunteer 4 hours at first, so we will lose 3 hours out of it.


Charities>Kale> We had a pancake breakfast. Agenda to be set by next board meeting.  

Lauren>$190 from bake sale for AIDS walk. We have 7 people signed up. With at least one more supposedly coming.


Media Relations>> VOTE to appoint Morgan Niemeyer as MR coordinator Lauren proposed, Sari seconded, [[VOTE: 7 FOR, 0 against]]

Lauren> wants to forward people who might have editing experience and tech experience to help MediaRelations to her.

Sari>We should send her staff who are good to contact for information as well

Lauren> Are we good with Lauren doing this? //YES//

Things to do: Newsletter, SOS promotion, Twitter, etc...

Brian>Work closely with secretary to communicate what is happening at board level to the staff.

Kevin>Ensure we don’t spam the things because we don’t want to disturb people.

Sari>Handing off the Trademark as well



Red Cross Breakfast > John, Jei, Lauren, Kevin went. Networking ahead of time. We got a brozne level award. Award was on display in charities room during convention. Lauren accepted the award.


We Robot dinner > Brian to try to go to represent us.


X-Geek Yearbook: Took photos and gave us information about us. This may be in violation of our media policy. We are unclear if it is printed or online publication. We may need to hold this to protect our rights if we don’t go after them. Sari will make a note to get in contact with X-Geek to get more information.

VOTE: To give Sari Judgement on what will happen if we give permissions / Lauren proposed, John Seconded. [VOTE: 6/0/1, 6 for, 0 against, 1 abstained(Sari)].


ASUM gala > Wants to know if we can donate things to their auction. Proposal: 2 memberships to Detour 2016?  Leftovers gifts from the Nagasaki? ATC polo? Brian to put together a basket... ATC polo, water bottles, squishy ball, Badges....

[VOTE: Donate to ASUM gala, 2 memberships above the cap, and a collection of gift basket of Detour Merch, Lauren proposed, Troy seconded [VOTE: 7 for]].

Brian to coordinate with Kale for access to the locker.


John: GPS wanted merch for volunteer party.  Lauren/Kale to work with John about this.


Emotional Intelligence Class > We can vote via e-mail within a week of whenever he sends us more information.  Troy will coordinate with Jayson about getting more information.


GPS volunteer appreciation event >> Jei will go to represent us. Everyone is welcome to Go. Kim planning to show. MattM planning to go to want to volunteer with GPS.


Damara>> We had a site committee meeting. We have 3 years left on the lease here. Looking for scouting a new location possibility.  The carpets will be replaced and walls painted in both 106 rooms. CONvergence leaving here July 1st.  New space available and office available because of this.  We have dates reserved through Post Mortem for 2017. New form for site scheduling for public link coming soon. The actual scheduling is still in the aire on how it will be done. Site Committee point of contact for interest, events, maintenance, finding partners, events, or find new locations etc... MN Furs and other people may be interested in taking over CONvergence spot.

Damara to inquire what they would like to receive for the larger space for storage, and get us measurements.


Trademarks>John>> the email about trademark video using our logo

We may not need to get them to take things down just change it so it’s obvious it isn’t affiliated with ATC/AD.

We need more education with trademark protection on what we need to do.


Can we use that group that hooks up professionals willing to volunteer time to consult with us for legal things.


Followup Sections:

Ebay Auctions settled > everything but leg fund went through.

Leonard Nimoy > options not really in our wheelhouse, skipping this one.

When Marnie was there> Troy will confirm with GKids release date June5th and promotional materials or promoting on social media.

ATC Trip>we got an update yesterday, we are good.


Important Meeting Dates:

Next Month: Charities

June: Let’s go over every project meeting

July: Cap discussion

August: Coordinator Reviews

Meeting Adjourned @2035 - Lead: Lauren 2nd: John  [VOTE: APPROVED 7]