December 2014 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, John, Brian, Sari, Kevin, Troy, Andy
Board Absent:
Observers: Kale, Heather, JayColette, Damarra Atkins, Dave Vetrovec, Danielle McKay, Jeff Boucher-Zamzo, James Jacobsen, Joe and Kyle from Digital Destruction


open session - GPS [Danielle]

introduce new board member Jeff Boucher-Zamzo
payment plan with corrected typo has been approved
are Damarra and Michael Nicchetta still Site Committee members?
art on walls of room 106?

post-winter renovation plan

  • replace carpeting
  • repainting
  • possibly more soundproofing for room 107

open session - Digital Destruction [Joe and Kyle from This Is Geek]

event details

  • previous iteration: filled to capacity of 350 at New Hope Cinema Grill on a Monday night
  • 2-day event at Ramada Mall of America, May 8-9 2015 (Fri-Sat), covering 10,000 square feet
  • projected budget is $7,500, with $3,000 currently in bank
  • anticipated attendance of 450-600
  • (check recording for exhibitors)
  • free, except for tournament registration fees

TIG have not yet filed for a 501(c)3, but is otherwise a legal non-profit
TIG is more focused on gamer community, as opposed to Glitch, which is more focused on publishers and developers

soliciting any kind of help

  • funding is needed most at the moment
  • if funding is given, would provide discounts for ATC members (AD 2015 badge holders [John])
  • ample equipment (TVs, projectors, video game equipment) available for rental [Kale]
  • will close crowdfunding in mid-April

game-centric event like this would have value, because a lot of people are too busy at con to make it to the game room [John, JayColette]
John has been supportive of past efforts, and previously tried to have a co-sponsored event along these same lines
in favor of potentially positive effects on community [Heather]

$2,500 suggested donation [John]
no objection from Kim
question: comparison with MAC as precedent? [Heather]
- that was more of a crisis management [Lauren]
would like to leave room for more sponsors and further crowdfunding [Kim, Heather]
can spur more donations via promoting on ATC/AD website [John]
can provide additional help via equipment rental

â–º motion to provide $2,500 in return for sponsorship mention, discount for AD 2015 badge holders [Lauren, Troy]
vote passes with one abstention [John] and no objections

individual projects


  • policy document to replace Coordinator
  • anti-harassment policy COMPLETE
    • Lauren will respond to Brian Jonas’ e-mail to clear possible misunderstanding of ATC-level as Detour-level
    • ready to be published, pending HTML conversion
  • 30-second ad for Marley is Dead radio play
  • document of all board policies
  • International School cashing its check COMPLETE


  • review Secretarial duties COMPLETE
  • verify there is an e-mail opt-in on Detour Registration form COMPLETE
  • verify identity of Laura, 2012 recipient of LEG fund donation COMPLETE (Charities knows)
  • document for late fees and checking out equipment
  • content for YouTube channel; will shunt to Media Relations Coordinator
  • Bloomington Sister City
  • review bylaws with Kevin; will do so after winter holidays


  • inventory and price points for rental equipment
  • fees based on how much equipment cost
  • damage fee [Lauren] / deposit [Brian]
  • moratorium/premium on high-end and new equipment
  • no longer able to verify electrical capability at storage locker
  • Ben Amundson, Sarah Nelson usually available to oversee takeout


  • commercial for closed-circuit TV to run during convention half-COMPLETE
  • signage for ATC office at GPS
  • newsletter; will shunt to Media Relations Coordinator
  • send out Heather’s list of SOS events to staff in the meantime


  • standard form for equipment request
  • post agenda beforehand; send to staff at large?


  • MAP nonprofit training
  • 2016 contract signed; 2017 contract is being negotiated
  • hotel bidding process with Hotel
    • appreciation expressed for Jayson’s diligence


  • IP document for owning anything made for ATC/Detour
  • adding mission statement to loan form
  • enable coordinators to have own pages on site
  • question: has logo/™ policy been made clear to Detour staff? [Sari]
  • possible financial help for Dan O’Leary


  • Lantern Lighting Festival - re-up for next year
  • anime clubs in libraries for people older than teens
  • ATC library in GPS office
  • Volunteers - Adopt-a-Badger program?
  • Anton Petersen had a table at the Geek Expo


  • HR document with Heather; will implement in the summer
    • name, phone, e-mail, age 18 or over? (guardian’s info, signature if under 18), medical info (optional disclosure)
    • 16 is minimum age for general staff in terms of representation, taking money [Lauren]
    • check bylaws [Brian]
    • discussion about unfounded innuendo
    • confirm ATC’s due diligence with fallback provision for people who lie about their info
    • CONvergence is not doing background checks


  • press release for Charities
  • Light the Night COMPLETE
  • JOFCon
  • selling coffee and breakfast items Sunday morning for church-goers - pre-empted by church doing the same
  • booths at farmers’ markets

Troy - get feedback from Film Society of MSP re: Tale of Princess Kaguya

quick hits

â–º motion to vote on JayColette’s budget online [Lauren, Brian]
vote passes with no objections

â–º confirm online vote for increasing Detour’s budget by $5,000 per oversight on Tech’s budget
vote passes with no objections

no submissions for Marketing Coordinator
solicit candidates via GPS newsletter

â–º motion to let Evan Miller Liu move forward with De-Tour 2016 [Lauren, Troy]
vote passes with no objections

submit AD panel request for ATC [Lauren]

announcements at next AD staff meeting [Troy]

logo/™ policy
Kim and Lauren have AD credit card
address rumor-mongering
Amazon Smile

financials [Kim]

AD registration behind last year’s pace by 440 attendees, $4,900
~$275K in bank account
still waiting for payments from Dealers, Artists Alley
LEG fund is over $2,400, after Richard Townsend settled his account
$4,000 to GPS for annual match

MAP will eliminate some services, including legal services
contract runs through 2/14/15
look for lawyer through service [Lauren, Kim]

â–º motion to adjourn [Lauren, John]
vote passes with no objections