June 2014 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, Kevin, Andy, Brian (late), Sari (late)
Board Absent: John, Rin
Observers: Kale, Heather, Damarra Atkins, Anton Petersen, Alisha Srock, Dave Benhart, Danielle McKay, Dave Vetrovec, Ann Roubik


open session: update on Carrie Savage [Anton]

Carrie thanks ATC for previous fundraiser
her current economic situation can use a boost
- exploring possibility of spaghetti dinner fundraiser?
- tip jar at CONvergence?
- efforts would fall under Charities [Kale]
she may not be able to attend Detour 2015, depending on class schedule
her muscular dystrophy is deteriorating, unfortunately

open session: decor of Waterbury space [Danielle]

does Detour want to hang anything on the walls?
any posters left from Detour 2014?
- Sari will contact Micah
- rearrange art from previous Detours? [Heather]

open session: Site Committee [Damarra]

question: what are the members' duties? who would have that info?
- it more or less faded away after initial setup, absent further direction from GPS [Anton]
- have Ann contact Damarra with clarification [Lauren]

Charles Piehl has left GPS [Danielle]
there should be a second member in addition to Damarra; Josh Spotts had stepped down [Danielle]

open session: Pride [Damarra]

still wants to be the point person for volunteering at Pride
each organization will be responsible for wrangling their own volunteers [Heather]
Saturday 10 AM-10 PM, Sunday 10 AM-6 PM [Ann]
will make new flyers to hand out for future GPS event [Heather]

open session [Dave V.]

GPS picnic on Saturday, June 7

SOS [Heather]

upcoming Detour picnic on 6/22
Cosplay picnic on 7/20
can buy things for picnic that are not in budget, as long as budget is not exceeded [Lauren]
storage space in Waterbury garage is ready; can take care of lock

decide on space for Lantern Lighting festival (event on Sunday 8/17, request due by 7/14)? [Kim]
proposal: $125 for 10'x10' space + tent, 8 ft table with 2 chairs, 2 passes
â–º Lauren's motion to set aside funds for proposal, pending JayColette's decision to get involved, seconded by Brian
vote passes with no objections

GPS has decided to not participate in Light the Night, as it is not within the scope of their target demographic [Danielle]

old projects [Lauren]

05/2011: written policy to replace Anime Detour chairman
adapt into written policy to replace Coordinator; Brian will take the lead

09/2011: policy to have Secretary read aloud vote results and post within 48 hours
Lauren and Andy will evaluate Secretarial duties

10/2011: opt-in on website form for Anime Detour?
Lauren will confirm

11/2011: inventory with price points added to equipment request form
Kim and Jayson will take the lead

11/2011: commercial for ATC to run on closed-circuit channel at Detour (or CONvergence)
Sari will take lead on developing content for Dave B. and Kale to put together

04/2012: IP document
John is still working on it?

04/2012: Treasurer appointed instead of elected?
not a good idea, as Treasurer has a vote

05/2012: member bios on website
would be beneficial b/c it would put a face on board [Sari]
can associate with current projects [Lauren]
John will re-establish template

06/2012: booth at Lantern Lighting Festival
on track, as mentioned earlier in meeting

06/2012: institute award similar to Hugos
Mike and John dropped project due to perceived lack of feasbility

06/2012: separate point of contact and tips on planning ATC event
John will include as part of his revamp of website?
as part of revamp, all docs should be in pdf format [Sari]

07/2012: follow-up on Lara, recipient of $2,500 from community fund
include on timeline of LEG fund activity [Lauren]

07/2012: anti-harassment policy
Brian, Jo, Rin are still working on it

08/2012: GPS Site Committee
addressed earlier this meeting

08/2012: mission statement for loan form
Kale already sent it out, John will put it on there

08/2012: have Secretary be the point person to receive equipment requests and pass them onto Logistics

08/2012: document for procedure to check out equipment

09/2012: separate page for Community Outreach
has evolved into Charities
eventually, have separate pages for each Coordinator [Heather]

09/2012: gaming party
John is still working on it

09/2012: can ATC inform State Fair and other event organizers about bootlegging
Damarra can draft form

10/2012: anime movie night
after demise of Parkway Theater, roll into Clubs

01/2013: Starbucks Navigators interface between ATC and anime clubs
has been taken care of

02/2013: ad for ATC in Detour program
will be annual recurrence

03/2013: sign for ATC Office
Sari will take lead

03/2013: received money from Second Life fundraiser; may be a one-time occurrence

05/2013: ATC YouTube channel should include videos about ATC
Lauren will write content

05/2013: handouts with photos of ATC events
not needed at the moment

05/2013: loan request form technically isn't approved, as mission statement is not on it

06/2013: Japan scholarship
Charities is still working on it

06/2013: discussion on raising attendance cap in August, Coordinator reviews in September
will be annual recurrence

07/2013: discussion on possible actions against R.K.
redact a particular part in notes

07/2013: full inventory of everything ATC owns (Detour, SOS, etc.)

07/2013: explicit rules for appointing replacement board member mid-term

08/2013: free 30-60 second ad in Marley Was Dead
Brian will take lead

09/2013: separate page listing all projects
John will include in revamp of website

09/2013: newsletter
Sari will take lead from Lauren

09/2013: info table at Holiday Geek Expo
Anton will take lead on finding out what it entails

01/2014: card for meetup.com switched from Heather's to ATC

02/2014: remind of auctioning badges after Registration closes

received paperwork confirming trademarks for ATC, Anime Detour [Kim]

leads for projects

Board policy and procedures [Brian]
reworking loan/LEG fund policies [Lauren]
standard response for fund requests [Andy]

board meeting agendas

would like agendas be posted ahead of time on website [Sari]
past problem with implementation is that agendas have been reactive rather than proactive [Andy]
Andy can try enforcing the one-week deadline [Lauren]
would be beneficial for recurring meetings on big topics [Kevin]

mail out agendas to Detour staff list [Brian]
- can be automated by John? [Kevin]
- include GPS board in mailing? [Anton]

quick hits

can convert financial data into tableau [Brian]

checks will go out for charities this week, in original amounts [Kim]

Int'l School of MN Robotics team will have a couple of builds this summer, to which we are invited [Brian]

â–º recap: $800 loan from general fund to Patrick Andrle
online vote passed 5-2 in favor