March 2014 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, Damarra, John, Mike, Brian, Rin, Andy
Board Absent:
Observers: Kale, Jayson, Heather, Gifford, JayColette, Kevin Ehrler, Erick Hofer, Dave Vetrovec, Sari Hagen, Jo Thomsen, Gail C. (local con attendee)


SOS [Heather]

2nd Harvest in April (4/22)
AIDS Walk in May
picnic reservations have made
some flyers given out at MarsCon

Detour [Gifford]

No Brand Con is the same weekend as the scheduled Detour post-mortem; reschedule on Sunday?

Charities [Kale]

general press release

  • will approach past fund recipients for quotes, raise awareness at other cons
  • mentions 3 ways of donating: direct, Community Sponsorship, Amazon Smile
  • dissemination via ANN, FUNimation, Aniplex?

get JASM to talk about the fund instead of Detour in its newsletter? [Kim]
Jennifer B.'s friend may not have any connection to the fandom community - her request may be outside scope of LEG fund
Community Outreach page on ATC site needs overhaul [John]
one-sheets to Anime Boston [Heather]
AIDS Walk, e.g., should be joint ventures with SOS?
boost signal of KatsuCon fundraiser? [Heather]

financials [Kim]

recent Detour expenses

  • volunteer T-shirts
  • airlines
  • computers
  • radios
  • tech equipment

$314K in bank
still expecting to receive ~$10K via Dealers
ASCAP is redoing licensing agreement --> advance fees will double to $1,353
Red Cross breakfast on 3/27 at St. Paul Hotel; soliciting RSVPs

Clubs [JayColette]

form is not ready yet; would like form before e-mails are sent
have panel at Detour

ATC elections [Lauren]

Andy should hold candidate statements in escrow, since John plans to run [John]
print statements to be posted at the post-mortem

â–º deadline of before 4/15 for candidate statements
vote passes with no objections

nag candidates who announced interest for statements if necessary? [John] - no

Michael will make ATC announcements at the next staff meeting, mainly re: 3 At-Large and Treasurer positions open

polo shirts [Lauren]

best deal from same company who does staff shirts
sizes go up to 6XL
no additional charge for embroidery
can order combination of Mens and Womens and qualify for bulk discount ($3,000 for 285 shirts)
can sell for $25, with profits going toward LEG fund
gift option for LEG fund donation above threshold? [Brian]

â–º purchase shirts
vote passes with no objections

quick hits

bylaws [Lauren]
clarify language for voting qualification

social media, IP policies [John]
rethinking them as something people will need to agree to, to make them more pointed

Anime Movies on the Big Screen [Mike]
on hiatus, as the Parkway Theater has closed

rack cards and brochures are done [Damarra]
vector versions are available for all images off the website [Sari]

trademarks [John]

currently do not own trademarks on Anime Twin Cities, Anime Detour
upside would be legal backing behind efforts to control use of name
downside would be that it needs to always be enforced, or else it's lost
legalzoom - $169 for basic package, $189 for complete package
in addition, $325 for governmental filing fee
will need standard release to give permission to other parties

â–º give John $1000 budget to pursue 10-year trademarks
vote passes with no objections

update to anti-harassment policy [Brian]

FAQ would be comprehensive regarding possible situations, to cover all bases
nail down procedures for Detour, non-Detour events
synopsis on badge, summary in program book, full version on website [Damarra]
Detour would tailor its policy off the ATC policy; other ATC events can do likewise
current procedure at Detour: attendee --> staff/Security --> Ops --> on-point [Gifford]; newer staff may not be aware
legal advisor sent link to possible model, which has a longform for congoers and a shortform for staff
policy on website seems comprehensive, but it's light on procedure [Gail]
policy should have clear course of action for new con attendees [Sari]
current policy will remain through Detour, with a primer by Gifford posted on Detour website [Lauren]
revised version for Detour probably will not have signature requirement [Gifford]
panel to revise Detour anti-harassment policy after con (June meeting), consisting of Brian, Jo, Rin (Board representative) [Lauren]; involve Coordinators for ATC policy
look at generic version for April board meeting, if time allows