May 2013 Board Notes




Board Attended: Kale, Damarra, Anton, John, Andy, Mike
Board Absent: Jo, Kim
Observers: Heather, Gifford, Lauren Ganann, Viola Ganann, Kevin Erhler, Brian Hagen


exit strategy as Detour chair [Gifford]

will take Jayson on as vice-chair for 2014, with the preference of him succeeding as chair in 2015
Jayson cares and has worked with individual departments to find particular solutions
reservations: need an editor for his written transmissions, workaholic nature
Gifford sees characteristics reminiscent of Kale and himself in Jayson

Jayson will stay on as Division Head until the successor to that has been found, preferably by the end of summer
will work on less hand-holding in getting people to fulfill responsibilities
Division Heads, on-point position at con have made things easier for con chair

question: why does ATC wait until the board meeting after the post-mortem to dole out the charity money? [Brian]
bylaws dictate that as the transitional meeting between the old and new boards

Macy's looking for charities for their Shop for Cause at the end of August [Lauren]
board approves participation in that program again

Social Outreach Services [Heather]

room party at Wausabi Con or Geek Con? (or additional funding to enable both?)
ballpark estimate for Wausabi Con: $700
concerns: younger and sparser crowd at Wausabi Con may not make it as cost-efficient for ATC outreach purposes
board supports choosing Geek Con over Wausabi Con

ATC room party at Detour increased brand awareness among many attendees [John]
for the future, more handouts for attendees
for handouts, have captive audience like GPS did with their cotton candy machine [Lauren]

ATC YouTube channel for short informative videos [Brian]

have collection of photos from past SOS events for future handouts

asks for plug for SOS on ATC, Detour websites and Facebook pages

should use ATC calendar [Brian]

future events: tabletop gaming night/potluck, drive-in, August picnic

flyers promoting Movie Night at businesses around Pepito's [Lauren]
Gifford can help with posting, as he will be moving to the area
Sari can help with making flyers [Brian]

Detour expenses [Gifford]

hotel damages between $5,000 and $10,000; will be using insurance to help cover
monies available for charity is $20K - $25K, depending on whether funding agreement with GPS is renewed

recent documents for ATC website [Lauren]

would like to resolve status with present board
still need mission statement for LEG fund
Media Relations policy has been approved
Point of Contact Policy is approved by the board, after opening statement has been changed to be more inclusive
Application for ATC Community Fund is approved by the board, pending change in language about loan and addition of mission statement

community fund [Kale]

should be around $7,000 aside from the amount earmarked for Richard Townsend
board approves donation of $3,000 (with the possibilty of more) to Kim Pridemore to cover bills related to her MS

prerequisite for voting rights [Kale]

something to think about for the next meeting
tie voting rights into volunteer hours instead of attendance, as other area cons are doing?
count participation in SOS events, contingent on Detour chair's approval?