March 2013 Board Notes




Board Attended: Kale, Kim, Anton, Damarra, Jo, Mike, Andy
Board Absent: John
Observers: Gifford, Heather, Lauren Ganann, Viola Ganann, Kevin Erhler, Charles Piehl, Sara Castro


open discussion: ATC office

Heather and Damarra are awesome for finishing the office
would like sign outside of office
Gifford can talk to Ben about making one
has ATC logo been sent out?

Social Outreach Services [Heather]

nothing aside from the announcements made at Detour staff meeting
cards, display were made for Marscon
leave leftover cards at Waterbury; Anton will take some to other cons

ATC info cards for room parties [Damarra]

present batch included a white border for instant print, but it should be printed edge-to-edge if the cost is reasonable
future printings should cost about $25 less

financials [Kim]

spent about $12K out of Detour's approved $188K budget

$7,170 left in LEG fund after helping out Carrie Savage and before accounting for Richard Townsend
Carrie will announce her muscular dystrophic condition using LEG fund as context

received $60 from Second Life for LEG fund
received $250 from Wausabi Con as thanks for the loan being forgiven
awaiting response from MN Dept of Revenue
3/26: American Red Cross corporate recognition breakfast at 7:30 AM, invites to Kim, Christina Facchin (via Jayson), and maybe Gifford (via Dave)

present insurance coverage for storage locker stuff is only $3,000; intend to increase premium for higher coverage for next year
will request dept. heads to inventory stuff that would need to be replaced in a catastrophic event [Gifford]
presently covers events of up to 250 people; Main Programming can fit up to 500

Geek Partnership Society [Charles]

gives thanks for showing that disparate fandoms can work together in a community space

will renew lease on Waterbury for five years, with plans to expand by 109 sq ft
replace 135/136 with 107 (no stage, pure rectangle) when 107 is ready (late April, at the earliest)
rent will increase; will not ask for funding beyond present consistent sources

will work with two new cons in 2014
for future expansion, would be better to seek out classroom-size spaces
will work closely with Site Committee
7 months operating expenses in reserves, would like to shore up to one year
TPT was impressed by GPS response at fund drive

Kale has contacted This is Geek regarding use of logos, is hopeful of resolution soon