February 2013 Board Notes




Board Attended: Kale, Kim, Damarra, Jo, John, Mike, Anton, Andy
Board Absent:
Observers: Gifford, Heather, Lauren Ganann, Viola Ganann, Kevin Erhler, Charles Piehl


open discussion

via e-mail received from This is Geek, it seems TiG is trying to co-opt names and logos of local non-profit geek organizations without their permission or knowledge [Damarra]
will forward e-mail to Charles
board will contact Joe from TiG to prevent unwanted connotations

anonymous donor will cover ATC's loans to Dave Chamberlain and the Andrles

John will go over prototypes of Detour's website with Gifford

Social Outreach Services [Heather]

1st room party of 2013 will be at MarsCon, 1st weekend of March
beforehand, need fact sheet from ATC, and list of charities donated to

upcoming outings

  • Buck Hill snow tubing on 2/16
  • Roller Dome on 3/10
  • Lauren's game night on 3/18
  • dance party --> costume party, in May?

ATC office is being worked on, more furniture expected

flyers from individual charities for ATC room parties, with info on why donations were made, how mission statements mesh, how they give back to the community
would give attendees a better idea of where their money is going
made with involvement from charities themselves

Detour [Gifford]

DoubleTree will start charging $100 for each time room is used for meetings
will finalize meeting dates for the upcoming year

financials [Kim]

will accept $60 donation from Second Life, via Erick
over $295k in account; not much spending has occurred
dealers should be finalized by end of February, via Emily
storage increased to $29/month --> Kim took out $203
over $15k in LEG fund; have not yet obtained EIN
need documents for MN Dept. of Revenue's sales tax exemption; Damarra will organize
got back $31 from Wells Fargo that was fraudulently taken (see notes from last meeting)

pamphlet [Damarra]

bifold, maybe trifold
include list of donation recipients, partnering organizations
may sample writeup for community fund

program book [Jo]

use ad space in program book to list donation recipients, although not on the back cover

â–º buy full-page ad in Detour 2013 program book
vote passes with no objections

condensed version of Damarra's pamphlet, due by 3/10

Anime De-Tour [Jo]

reviews of 2012 tour are available

Pac-Set would like to do the next tour for summer/fall 2014

  • announce at Detour 2013, to give people more time to save up
  • limit size to 26 (down from 29)
  • limit to people from Detour community
  • use cheaper hotels and hostels
  • take tour south to Osaka and Kyoto

â–º partner with Pac-Set for 2014 tour and include one reservation for Detour 2013 Charity Auction
vote passes with no objections

Charity Auction [Jo, via Christina Facchin]

question: does ATC want to donate anything to Charity Auction?
ATC event pass for the year is probably too ambiguous, as events aren't planned that far out [Heather]

Kale will not run for re-election as ATC Chair

proposes an ambassador position (non-voting) for community fund, who'll be responsible for creating info packets to disseminate at cons (similar to what Damarra did at Dragon Con last year)
bylaws allow for non-voting officer-level positions to be created
create after next board elections