January 2013 Board Notes




Board Attended: Kale, Kim, Mike, John, Anton, Jo, Andy
Board Absent: Damarra
Observers: Gifford, Heather, Lauren Ganann, Viola Ganann, Kevin Ehrler, Jay


open discussion: Starbucks Navigators [Jay]

interface between ATC and anime clubs, primarily high school, but also college, library, independent clubs
helping young adults become more involved with community
not solely focused on anime
some vetting to make sure full-fledged clubs are involved, not just groups interested in attending Detour

Social Outreach Services [Heather]

June picnic will be at Hidden Falls, August picnic location TBD (Richfield? Theo Wirth?)
parking, grill size are considerations

need updated flyer from ATC for room parties
leaning towards Ai Kon or Geek Con for getting room party

tentative date for RollerDome: Sunday March 10

financials [Kim]

2011 Form 990 is ready for scanning and public consumption on website
Schedule B was submitted due to private donation ($5,000) for Richard Townsend

community fund as separate entity, as has been recommended?
funds over $10,000
startup cost of $800+ to establish, plus annual filing fees
own mission statement
â–º authorize up to $800 to establish community fund as separate legal entity
vote passes with no objections

state filing for sales tax - needs signed copy of articles of incorporation / constitution
would exempt from sales tax
found on ATC website
define ATC as charitable organization

will dispute charges ($31) from www.fiverr.com via PayPal

$296,824.95 in bank account
$13,136.85 in community fund

Ordway Gardens Hard Hat Tour, Thursday 1/31 3:30 pm at Como Park Zoo / Conservatory, for board (RSVP by 1/28)
Shinnekai, this Sunday (Anton)
thank-you cards from ECFE

Waterbury space [Heather]

no discussions as of yet about extending ATC's sponsorship of GPS; what is proper chain of communication?

designated space in garage; section off with door, rent out vacant closets?
â–º allow GPS to rent out closets
vote passes with no objections

function of Site Committee?
SOS head using ATC office - small desk, shelves, file cabinet, DVD rack, lending library

â–º $2,000 loan from general fund to the Andrles for costs related to Patrick's medical emergency, no repayment plan yet [Kale]
vote passes with no objections (Kale recuses self from vote)

Anime on the Big Screen [Mike]

attendance for Akira: 100 over two shows
attendance for Haruhi: 40 for one show
SOS establish presence in lobby at future showings?