May 2012 Board Notes




Board Attended: Kale, Kim, Lauren, Jo, Damarra, Kevin, Anton, Andy, John
Board Absent:
Observers: Heather, Gifford, Megan Petersen, Gifford's mom-in-law


open session: ATC [Heather]

has ATC logo been sent to Charles Piehl?
what is official use of the ATC office at the Waterbury?

Social Outreach Services [Heather]

picnic on 6/10
first SOS meeting was on 5/11, brainstorming occurred, next meeting after picnic
ideas for events (e.g., State Fair, RenFest, Medallion hunt, Haunted House)?

suggestion: designate point person for projects that request approval by the Board [Lauren]

ATC website [John]

is now live; feedback requested
cross-posting capability can be enabled between Detour and ATC websites
content - policies, notes, about us, bylaws, bios, SOS events
restrict FB posting access to Webteam, board members?
ATC FB page ready to go live - existing ATC events FB page can be obsoleted

Greg Ayres is done with the painful surgeries [Anton]

financials [Kim]

summary of funds available and what was distributed last year
aim for $20-$25K for charitable giving outside of Red Cross, with $71-$76K reserved for next year

items requiring approval [Kim]

generally, for equipment requests, should provide to applicants typed inventory list compiled from all Detour departments
list would be provided upon request (i.e., not widely available on website)

â–º equipment request from WausabiCon
vote passes with no objections, assuming basic Main Stage setup and Detour Tech people handling

â–º equipment request from CONvergence - TVs with stands, cables
vote passes with no objections

â–º Josh Spotts' cosplay photoshoot - $400 for distribution/sponsorship passes
vote passes with no objections

Minneapolis ECFE proposal [Gifford's mom-in-law]

proposal for $5,000, but any amount would be helpful

Science Museum voucher program [Andy]

new deadline is Memorial Day
need statement on mission, provided services

charitable donations [Kale]

purchase JASM membership
$28K already given to the Red Cross
$1,570 from pancake breakfast to the libraries

â–º from $25K available, donate $23K, and earmark $2K as a slush fund for future projects; any unused portion left at end of 2013 con cycle will be donated

  • $4,000 to Library Foundation of Hennepin County
  • $4,000 to Friends of St. Paul Library
  • $1,000 to Japan America Society of Minnesota
  • $1,500 to Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
  • $1,000 to Organization for Transformative Works
  •    $500 to Cheerful Givers (how many kids can be helped?)
  •    $500 to Normandale Japanese Garden
  •    $500 to Como Friends/Japanese Gardens
  • $1,000 to Emergency Food Shelf Network
  • $1,000 to Gordon R. Dickson Scholarship Fund
  • $1,000 to Second Harvest Heartland
  •    $500 to St. Paul/Nagasaki Sister City Organization
  •    $500 to Bloomington Sister City Organization
  • $5,000 to ECFE
  •    $500 to MN Center for Book Arts
  •    $500 to school anime club sponsorship, requires detailed proposal from Rusty

vote to donate $23K as detailed passes with no objections

possible projects [John]

how-to guide for people who want to start school anime clubs
application process for clubs to get charitable donations

Board turnover

outgoing board members Kevin and Lauren's services were much appreciated
incoming board members John and Mike: welcome!