March 2012 Board Notes




Board Attended: Kale, Kim, Lauren, Jo, Kevin, Andy, Damarra (late, called in)
Board Absent: Anton
Observers: Heather, Gifford


open discussion

Cynthia Lettermann is the incoming director of CONvergence Events, liaison to ATC

Heather is the new chair of Anime Fusion

AIDS Walk on Sunday, 5/20 (6 miles)
2 members so far (Kale and Lauren) for registered ATC team

financials [Kim]

only spent $29K so far
Anton hasn't purchased plane tickets yet
no money spent on new decorations
$226K in bank
$30K in Community Fund, $8K projected remaining after all present payouts
T-shirts and hoodies have arrived
thank-you letter and two free passes from Take Out Productions
will take receipts at the Badge Party

ATC logos

Anton has no preference for final choice
all votes are for Scott Saniti's designs over Brian Jonas'
Kale, Lauren, Damarra, Kevin, Kim vote for orange "Anime" atop blue "Twin Cities"; Jo votes for blue "Anime" atop orange "Twin Cities"

Board Elections [Lauren]

suggestion: replace Board meeting immediately after Detour with open house, so that prospective candidates can get an idea of what Board does [Lauren]
encourage candidates to send out their info to staff list
4 Board members' positions are up for vote: Kevin, Damarra, Lauren, Kim
make list of who has attended how many meetings this con cycle [Andy]

Detour badge transfers

Board cannot do much about scalping via transfers, as it is technically legal
option to replace transfer policy with waiting list is determined at convention level, not Board level