February 2012 Board Notes




Board Attended: Kale, Kim, Jo, Lauren, Damarra, Kevin, Andy
Board Absent: Anton
Observers: Gifford, Heather, Jayson Stob, Charlie Hickey, John Koniges


open discussion: Charlie offers apology for incident

open discussion: website notes [John]

  • move checkout from AD SecureCart to Google Checkout? (can use Google services for free, due to status as approved nonprofit - save $173/yr)
  • can do subscriptions in Google accounts
  • would require overhaul of registration system
  • more appropriate at con level?
  • put Richard Townsend's photo on the Community Fund page

Social Outreach Services [Heather]

latest Ghibli movie event on 2/21 (MoA) and 2/22 (Roseville)
Funimation instituted showing fees for licensed anime, which is affecting anime clubs
staff party after 3/24 meeting at the hotel - tip jar for Heather
summer picnics - Sun 6/10 Crosby Farm Park, Sat 8/25 Hidden Falls, 3:30 - 9:30 pm access, $60 apiece

ATC equipment requests

â–º amendments to request form for borrowing ATC equipment

  • change wording of #3 to: "The presence of one of our staff members may be required to operate/maintain some of our more sensitive/expensive equipment, which may require additional fees."
  • change wording of #5 to: "...six months after your event date or 30 days prior to Anime Detour..."

vote passes with no objections

request from MarsCon to borrow flat-screen monitors
question: how many do they want?
question: can they bear to use same stands as last year?

send out form to MarsCon, SogenCon, Wausabi Con

ATC logos

avoid Rising Sun motif, as it denotes imperialistic Japan
Scott Saniti's logo - change color from blue (GPS color)
solicit further submissions (different colors) from Brian Jonas and Scott for next board meeting

financials [Kim]

~$244K in bank
~$18K in community fund
matching fund for Richard if it reaches $5K
would like to move matching community fund to end of fiscal year (Sept 30th) or when it reaches $5K
matching period ends 9/30; payout is 9/30 or when community fund raises $5K
motion passes unanimously

manga library at Detour [Gifford]

get librarians to staff Sunday breakfast benefit for libraries?
set up space for libraries in breakfast?

Japan tour [Jo]

two options: Tokyo, Kansai (more expensive)
Tokyo is probably more feasible option for the first year
go with comfortable hotel instead of 4-star hotel
preferred choice: Tokyo (Ikaho) with comfortable hotel - $2,550 total
use in Google Ads

media policy [Lauren]

voted on last year, hasn't been posted
change hotel name
Inc. should not be all caps
other typos corrected

write form letter to reject late registrations, sign Gifford's name to it [Kim]