January 2012 Board Notes




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open discussion

member has question about monies from his/her school's fundraising for Anime Detour [Damarra]
unanimous reaction -- avoid situation altogether

Social Outreach Services [Heather]

slightly over budget for NYE party, with no difference in amount of food bought
put off idea of staff retreat, due to department in flux

alcohol at NYE party

  • alcohol was unattended at times during party
  • make NYE party dry (no alcohol served), due to liability issues?
  • if people brought alcohol to the party, it would be a personal liability issue
  • have auxiliary room for 21+?
  • NYE party started as a dry party
  • informally gauge reaction to a dry NYE party?
  • put vote on agenda officially for future meeting

ATC logo

question: put vote to community at large? [Jo]
table vote in order to solicit more submissions

lending ATC equipment

formal policy

  • still awaiting fee list from Tech
  • want official record of where equipment goes, even in cases of repeated requests, straight exchanges
  • on certain items, will stipulate someone from Detour must monitor use of equipment (e.g., admittance to con)
  • reword 2nd point to allow for more than one request per event, as long as it's not excessive [Kale]
  • formal inventory lists from other departments [Lauren]
  • fees are negotiable [Kale]
  • 5th point - repayment by 30 days prior to Anime Detour OR six months, whichever is shorter [Kale]
  • 3rd point - additional fees may apply; all fees will be quoted up front [Kale]

request from Wausabi Con [Kale]

  • same equipment from last year
  • wait for lending policy to be finalized before formally responding?
  • ask for travel/hotel/registration expenses to be taken care of?

Anime Detour registration rates

reduced revenue stream from members

  • ~4,000 badges at $35 rate, may lead to income loss of $20K - $25K
  • 5,000 registrations at $35 rate would be a wash for a total budget of $175,000
  • raise early rate?
  • insolvent even at $45 [Kim]

all rates are open to increases

  • Artists Alley - increase rate from $30 to $100, which would include cost of badge
  • Dealers - presently at $200-$250, which includes two badges

changes to consider

  • stagger price increase points differently
  • abandon date-based model in favor of quantity-based
  • abandon price discounts, because people will register just to reserve their place rather than saving money as long as Detour stays the same size (eventual flat fee of $50)
  • get rid of group rate

anticipating $200K budget for AD 2013 (Year 10) [Gifford]
anticipate lean charity donations for 2012 and 2013

more immediate changes

  • removing staff from hard cap of 5,000 this year?
  • increase Sponsor rates by $50
  • increase general rates by $5 at all points
  • Jayson needs to inform artists of any price increases as soon as he can when it goes into effect

â–º new tier structure for membership (to be announced after AD 2012 registration closes):

  • $40 con Sunday / post-mortem
  • $45 until Sep 30
  • $50 until Dec 31
  • $55 until Feb 28
  • $70 at walk-up
  • $150 for Sponsor
  • $250 for Community Sponsor

vote passes with no objections

staff has until the first staff meeting after pre-reg closes to register -- probably the last January meeting

let Artists Alley and Dealers rates be determined by at-con level

quick hits

only Dept. heads, sub-heads, Division heads, and Chairman can pull badge [Gifford]; will announce at next meeting

over $3,100 available after monies for Greg are accounted for

Richard Townsend's fund -- approved for Webteam

about $160K left for Detour spending

Sunday fundraising breakfast for libraries

no major changes to Evan's latest version of Japan tour