December 2011 Board Notes




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chili cook-off/gingerbread house building
Heather typed up recap
order gingerbread in bulk for next time to save money?

NYE party - board gaming instead of AMVs in adjacent room

Science Museum of Minnesota program for unused volunteer passes [Andy]
can use for ATC / Detour, find out more details

financials [Kim]


  • current income of $55,000
  • current expenses of $12,000
  • current net of $43,000
  • current bank of ~$138,000
  • current LEG fund of $2,845


  • current registrations of 2,062, with 71 Sponsors (11 Community Sponsors)
  • (last year's registrations at this point: 1,316 - prep list of unregistered staff members for next meeting)
  • contract signed with Sofitel - $3,000 for 3 programming rooms
  • Logistics will probably go over budget, due to storage going up in price

Anton will take point on manning a table for Shinnenkai

Japan tours

Evan Miller via speakerphone

  • minimum of 10 people, negotiable if there are 9, and/or if during off season, no maximum
  • usual cost of $2,000 for 10 days - covers flight, hotels, transport within country, NO meals (budget set separately)
  • around $2,400 for Minneapolis origin
  • expected ATC commitment would be limited to promotion
  • tour itinerary would be geared toward casual anime/manga fan
  • no reserve price for any tours available in charity auction
  • insurance is about $50 - $75 per person; can be rolled into ticket price

board discussion

  • start promoting now, deadline of August?
  • round up cost to $2,500
  • gauge interest at next staff meeting
  • â–º pursue promotion; vote passes with no objections
  • live auction, start at much lower than $2,500 to draw in as many bidders as possible
  • propose timeline, propose schedule to Evan
  • Jo will start discussion of places to include in tour

community fund for Richard Townsend

Richard okays fund drive for his dental crises
overall cost will be $10,000 outside of his insurance coverage
draft language, get his approval, go live with promotion
question: wait until monies for Greg's dentist has been officially paid off? [Lauren]

â–º reset $5,000 matching from community fund based on fiscal year (October 1st)
vote passes with no objections

â–º same approach as the drive for Greg Ayres (minus the matching)
vote passes with no objections