October 2017 Board Notes




Board Attended: Andy Tso, Kim Hofer, Troy MacDonald, Joe Opsahl, Kevin Ehrler, Renee Vandervelde, Megan Stob
Board Absent:
Observers: Jayson Stob, Kale Ganann, Morgan Niemeyer, Heather Bufkin, Rachel Tippett, Patrick Cameron, Tristan Anderson, John Koniges, Matt Sexton, Alli Cassell, Jessica Aronson, Anton Petersen, Diana Sneve


Anime Twin Cities, Inc. Board Meeting October 10, 2017 6:30pm

Waterbury Building; 1121 Jackson St. NE Minneapolis MN 55413




Open Session

Coordinator Updates

A Note from Andy regarding Emails, if an email is submitted to the board. Please be careful about sharing that information to individuals outside of the board. 

Anime Detour:


Motion: Troy motions to approve $8,000 for Chris Ayres’ Dental Work to be paid to the offices directly. Gifford Seconded. All in Favor. No Abstentions. Motion Passes


Media Relations:



Agenda: Budget Discussion

ATC General Budget

Andy Motions to approve the ATC Budget Request for $43,855.00 with the increase in the business cards line item. Gifford Seconded. All in Favor. No abstentions. Motion Passes.

For the remaining Budgets; Gifford requests that we see all remaining budget requests and vote at the end of the full discussion.


Media Relations



Andy: 10 Minute Break to think over all of the budgets.


Gifford Motions to strike the $1,000 for the G-Force Coaster Trip with a provisional re-application so that we can receive more detailed information. Joe Seconded. Renee, Kevin, Troy, Joe, and Andy Approves. Kim abstains. Gifford Opposes. Motion Passes.

With this passed motion and the reduction of the other line items discussed above, the new budget total is: $2,545.00

Gifford Motions to approve the $2,545.00 Clubs Budget Request. Renee Seconded. All in favor with Kim abstaining. Erick to submit a proposal for the G-Force Coaster Club Trip with further detailed information.


With the decrease in the swag line item, the budget request is $4,000.00.

Joe Motions to approve the $4,000 Charities Budget Request. Troy Seconded. All in Favor. No abstentions. Motion Passes.


With the removal of the dance event and the decrease in the special social events from $1,000.00 to $500.00. The new budget request is $6,680.00

Gifford Motions to approve the $6,680 SOS budget request. Andy Seconded. All in Favor. No abstentions. Motion Passes.

Media Relations:

With the removal of the Convergence Room Party and the $600.00 from one of the Ohio Conventions that brings the requested budget down to $12,757.90.

Gifford Motions to approve the $12,757.90 Media Relations budget request. Joe Seconded. All in favor. No abstentions. Motion Passes.

As the time at the end of discussion was after 9:30 the board decided to post-pone or adjust discussions for the remaining agenda items.

Agenda- Coordinator Goals

Agenda- Revised Equipment Rental

Agenda- National Fantasy Fan Federation

Agenda- Possible Policy of using AD badges as prizes at other events

Joe Motions to adjourn the meeting. Andy Seconded. All in Favor. Meeting End.