January 2016 Board Notes




Board Attended: John Koniges  Dave Vetrovec  Kim Hofer  Lauren Ganann  Michelle Weber  Kevin Ehrler
Board Absent: Connie Mohs
Observers: Heather  Max  Kale  Justin  Kim  Sari  Brendon


No Open topics

 Finance 

 Fiscal Expenses for FY15 are now covered. 

 Still waiting on income and are behind on Registration when 

accounting for the Cap increase this year

 Donation Check from Benevity Community Impact Fund 

($975, employee matching from a Microsoft employee)

 Last month we had enough income to cover Detour and 

this year enough to cover fiscal expenses

 Running a little behind on registration

 990 is completed and will be finalized on Wednesday 

for filing 

o Will be available to post on the website shortly 


 Coordinator Updates

 Heather 

o Went well, despite lower turnout than last year.

o Space still working well, will try to secure dates 

o Upwards of 60 people $51 in sales

 Kotatsu tomorrow in Hopkins

o Arranging Quarterly meetings on Tuesdays going 

o Attendance Possibly won’t count towards voting 

 Jayson confirmed 26th as walkthrough of Hayat at 


earlier for next year


rights, will verify and check before updating.

- Media: Not Present

- Charity: Will find out tomorrow-about Socks and 

- Clubs: Chair still vacant

 Bylaws: 

- Bylaws Passed: Both provisions passed. Max will 

 Vision Statement:

    - Postponed due to lack of Secretary

 This is Geek 2-D Con Rental - Kim has request: 

    - Unanimous Approval

 Email about someone charged in crime attending:

    - Email a response to emailer that we are investigating and 

will do what we need to do. Jayson will email them

 APCA at UoM, got an email. Email them to let them know 

Anime Detour dates so we don’t conflict. Get John/Morgan 

in contact with them to see how we can cross promote. 

 Updating Board members, Max will fix it.

 : Festival of Nations: Lauren will follow up with Connie on 

the status of her discussion.

 Dave discussion on what we need to do for related income 

for For Profit grounds and a 990T form

 John will poke Jayson about costs on Equipment rental