December 2014 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, John, Brian, Sari, Kevin, Troy, Andy
Board Absent:
Observers: Kale, Heather, JayColette, Damarra Atkins, Dave Vetrovec, Danielle McKay, Jeff Boucher-Zamzo, James Jacobsen, Joe and Kyle from Digital Destruction


open session - GPS [Danielle]

introduce new board member Jeff Boucher-Zamzo
payment plan with corrected typo has been approved
are Damarra and Michael Nicchetta still Site Committee members?
art on walls of room 106?

post-winter renovation plan

open session - Digital Destruction [Joe and Kyle from This Is Geek]

event details

TIG have not yet filed for a 501(c)3, but is otherwise a legal non-profit
TIG is more focused on gamer community, as opposed to Glitch, which is more focused on publishers and developers

soliciting any kind of help

game-centric event like this would have value, because a lot of people are too busy at con to make it to the game room [John, JayColette]
John has been supportive of past efforts, and previously tried to have a co-sponsored event along these same lines
in favor of potentially positive effects on community [Heather]

$2,500 suggested donation [John]
no objection from Kim
question: comparison with MAC as precedent? [Heather]
- that was more of a crisis management [Lauren]
would like to leave room for more sponsors and further crowdfunding [Kim, Heather]
can spur more donations via promoting on ATC/AD website [John]
can provide additional help via equipment rental

► motion to provide $2,500 in return for sponsorship mention, discount for AD 2015 badge holders [Lauren, Troy]
vote passes with one abstention [John] and no objections

individual projects











Troy - get feedback from Film Society of MSP re: Tale of Princess Kaguya

quick hits

► motion to vote on JayColette’s budget online [Lauren, Brian]
vote passes with no objections

► confirm online vote for increasing Detour’s budget by $5,000 per oversight on Tech’s budget
vote passes with no objections

no submissions for Marketing Coordinator
solicit candidates via GPS newsletter

► motion to let Evan Miller Liu move forward with De-Tour 2016 [Lauren, Troy]
vote passes with no objections

submit AD panel request for ATC [Lauren]

announcements at next AD staff meeting [Troy]

logo/™ policy
Kim and Lauren have AD credit card
address rumor-mongering
Amazon Smile

financials [Kim]

AD registration behind last year’s pace by 440 attendees, $4,900
~$275K in bank account
still waiting for payments from Dealers, Artists Alley
LEG fund is over $2,400, after Richard Townsend settled his account
$4,000 to GPS for annual match

MAP will eliminate some services, including legal services
contract runs through 2/14/15
look for lawyer through service [Lauren, Kim]

► motion to adjourn [Lauren, John]
vote passes with no objections