September 2014 Board Notes




Board Attended: Lauren, Kim, John (left early), Sari, Brian, Kevin, Rin
Board Absent: Andy
Observers: Kale, Heather, Jayson, Danielle McKay, Dave Vetrovec



Certified Tech in their fold, but he has not yet seen list of requested equipment
vote for Kale to continue as ATC's proxy to judge request
- as long as their Tech conveys that he knows what he's doing [Brian]

inability to consistently communicate in a timely fashion is worrisome [Sari]
Kale's e-mails may have ended up in spam folder, hence the communication breakdown [Lauren]

open session - Anime Detour Artist Alley [Kevin]

would like to (re-)institute entry fee of $50 without badge, as an option to or replacement for current entry fee of $100 with badge
- problem arising from Artists registering as attendee beforehand and ending up with two badges
- reversal of earlier problem of Artists of waiting to register until table was secured, then getting shut out of Registration [Lauren]

option: save slots for Artists from cap number [Lauren]
option: exclude Artists from cap [Lauren]
option: two badges, for Artists who can't run table solo [Kevin]

typically, 40 tables (80 badges) in Artist Alley (AA)
would prefer to exclude Artists from cap, so that there's no issue with not attaining cap due to unsold reserved badges [Kevin]
would like to keep things simple with one option [Lauren]

option: reserve block of special AA badges that wouldn't count against cap [Dave]

should currently consider financial aspects, and leave implementation to Kevin, Jayson, and Kim [John]

► motion for adding possibly 80 badges outside of cap for Artists Alley [Lauren, John]
votes passes with no objections, with Kevin abstaining

open session - ATC ad for Anime Fusion [Heather]

due by the end of the month

no ATC ad ready, but can use list of upcoming SOS events? [Lauren]
upcoming schedule is a bit sparse [Heather]

can use promotional material for LEG Fund as ad [Kale]
would be good opportunity to push LEG fund [Jayson]
back cover in color is available for $150
Jayson can assemble ad from art files via Sari, LEG Fund text via Kale, SOS schedule via Heather

► motion to buy ad space on back of Anime Fusion program book for $150, with Jayson as project leader on ad creation and submission [Lauren, Brian]
vote passes with no objections

open session - what can be done for        's family [John]

in light of his wife's spinal stroke and the resulting financial distress

set up a drive rather than setting aside money from general fund [Lauren]
worried about setting precedent of giving money to staff directly from general fund [Lauren]
precedent already exists in $500-$1,000 range [Kale]
bylaws don't contain guidelines on distributing money, which may be problematic at some point [Lauren]

        would be embarassed by public nature of a drive [Heather]
would need        's permission [Jayson, Sari]
approach from a standpoint of helping out the community, as opposed to a specific person [Heather]
have backup plan of using general fund in case         doesn't want a drive [Sari]
John will broach subject with       

Coordinator reviews





JayColette - postponed until her next attendance

Anime Detour [Jayson]

trying to push training and developing leaders
talking with GPS about options to train multiple people at once via its MAP membership (20% discount) - $3,000 including subheads, assuming they all show up
goal: multiple opportunities for leadership development throughout year
personal list of who needs this training more than others; may be more suitable for those who are relatively new to leading departments [Lauren]
would like every candidate to attend at least one session
question: feasible to have trickle-down training? [Lauren]

Social Outreach Services [Heather]

recaps of events

some apprehension among attendees that no one else is showing up, due to information disconnect between Facebook and Meetup

2nd RenFest event coming up on 9/28
Scavenger Hunt on 10/11 [Lauren]
possible gathering occasions before/after hangout events (Obon, etc.)
people were excited that they got reminders [Lauren]

if we paid Facebook to promote a specific event, it will do so at the expense of our other events [Dave]
will ask Jo password to ??? [Lauren]
seeks permission to advertise SOS events on Detour page, as that gets many hits; no objections

more internal, quieter events with onset of cold weather months; looking for ideas

LEG fund request - $3,593.56 grant for overdue home association fees

want to know if there's a plan for requestor to make future payments [Sari]
does requestor have employment or other means of steady income? [Dave]
- not mentioned in request; has bad credit
would be much more receptive if it was clearly known that requestor has way of paying going forward [Brian]
would be supportive if this payment would make a difference, as opposed to being a stopgap [John]

Lauren's criteria, in the effort of not judging other people's lifestyles:

grant would enable him to get fees back within his budget [Kale]

what to do if there is insufficient funds for a future request? [Rin]
- there would be a drive
- it is possible to take money from general fund in extremely special circumstances [Lauren]

► motion to authorize grant as requested [Brian, Lauren]
vote passes with no objections (Kale voting as John's authorized proxy)
ask for writeup for promotional purposes [Lauren]

financials [Kim]

received monies from United Health Group, Amazon Smile
there would be ~$2,000 remaining in LEG fund if request is approved and after paying for Richard Townsend's dental work

Anime Detour Hotel update [Dave]

all four bids went out - Hyatt, DoubleTree, 2 others
DoubleTree replied with offers for 2016-2018
AD Tech has sent Ted a list of requests concerning setting costs up front to pass onto the hotel
make sure Rin gets copies of all correspondence that has been issued [Lauren]

constant disconnect and miscommunication between AD Hotel and DoubleTree; should be a SOP for Hotel department [Danielle]
there should be a folder of historical forms (contracts, bids, etc.) [Sari]
draft for timeline for hotel contracts [Dave] both for this year and ideally in a given year [Lauren]

Coordinators should store instructional manuals, etc. pertaining to their charges in office filing cabinet [Lauren]
should standardize all Detour department manuals at some point [Jayson]
should have an overarching timeline [Rin] and/or annual calendar [Lauren] for Detour

Charities [Kale]

link to Amazon Smile
may get space at Midtown Global Market
sell coffee (and pancakes, latkes, etc.) on Sundays at the Waterbury, concurrent with church-goers being on premises [Dave]
Light the Night on 9/28