November 2012 Board Notes




Board Attended: Kale, Kim, Jo, Anton, Damarra, John, Michael, Andy
Board Absent:
Observers: Lauren Ganann, Viola Ganann, Kevin Ehrler


► hold board meeting in December
vote passes with no objections

Anime on the Big Screen [Michael]

"Akira" on 11/20 at the Parkway Theater (Chicago and 48th)
can there be a budget for printing posters publicizing future movies? from SOS budget?

how to publicize future movies?

write press release [Andy]

no donation box for first showing; possibility for future showings

weekend ATC LAN party [John]

possible means of fundraising
tabletop and computer/console video gaming
do first year as Kickstarter (start in October 2014?)
get area gaming stores and outfits involved
located at the hotel or another venue

concerns: table space, power requirement, equipment purchases
talk to Charles Piehl about Chamber of Commerce contacts

Detour going over budget [Gifford]

proposed: $199,400
revised: $187,100
last year: $167,860 spent
requested: $192,000
attendance revenue if con sold out before year's end: $218,250, not accounting for adjustments
any budget overruns would need to be approved by division heads before subject to reimbursement
registration is currently at 2,744

►approve budget of $192,000
vote passes with no objections

updates [Kale]

no update on fund for Emily DeJesus; Anton to follow up
no update on community fund involvement with Dragon Con
spaghetti dinner for LEG community fund after next Detour meeting