December 2011 Board Notes




Board Attended:
Board Absent:


chili cook-off/gingerbread house building
Heather typed up recap
order gingerbread in bulk for next time to save money?

NYE party - board gaming instead of AMVs in adjacent room

Science Museum of Minnesota program for unused volunteer passes [Andy]
can use for ATC / Detour, find out more details

financials [Kim]



Anton will take point on manning a table for Shinnenkai

Japan tours

Evan Miller via speakerphone

board discussion

community fund for Richard Townsend

Richard okays fund drive for his dental crises
overall cost will be $10,000 outside of his insurance coverage
draft language, get his approval, go live with promotion
question: wait until monies for Greg's dentist has been officially paid off? [Lauren]

► reset $5,000 matching from community fund based on fiscal year (October 1st)
vote passes with no objections

► same approach as the drive for Greg Ayres (minus the matching)
vote passes with no objections