November 2011 Board Notes




Board Attended:
Board Absent:


open discussion: dress code of short skirt for Secretary? [Lauren]
(not bloody likely)

open discussion: renting ATC equipment
Anime Fusion interested in renting main stage equipment [Andrew Benson]
no formal rental process from ATC
an arrangement can probably be reached; would like detailed list of desired equipment [Kale]
one point of contact [Lauren]
good idea to compile detailed inventory with price points [Anton]

Dept. of Social Corrections [Heather]

new name for DSC: Social Outreach Services
no objections from Board

GPS Anime Club got approved for $250 budget, which was overlooked
no objections to inclusion in SOS budget

2012 meetings, 2nd Mondays in month

chili cookoff / gingerbread house building, Sat Dec 10, 1-6 pm

NYE party

staff con preview hangout thingy, Sat Feb 25

financials [Kim]

still getting community sponsors
community fund: >$16.4K
checking account: >$111K
photoshoot: came under budget, made $60 for community fund

ATC logo

samples from Anton's friend
put to a vote next meeting?

term limit vote before breaking up into divisions

Nabeshin would like to bring Japanese J-pop cover band to Detour
► corresponding increase in budget
vote is rejected with no approvals

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund [Anton]

CBLDF head wants to work with anime cons to spread word on that side; what can we do to assist him?
small space in Dealers Room? Artists Alley?
panel with Greg Ayres
get Neil Gaiman to come along?
fits with precedent of providing for charity outreach
one table available in Dealers Room

ATC panel at Detour [Kale]

roll community fund into panel
commercial for community fund to run on CCTV
invite Heather, Erick, Ted to appear

possible times: 

Detour-theme tour of Japan (Evan Miller, via handout given to Kim)