October 2011 Board Notes




Board Attended:
Board Absent:


open discussion: CONvergence Events - Family Game Night

11/26 - 11/27, Marriott Southwest in Minnetonka
would like to borrow 6 radios, charger, batteries
minimal radio training, as only one channel will be used
► approve equipment request ("if you break it, you buy it")
vote passes with no objection

open discussion [Gifford]

M. T. thought she was being spammed for Cosplay Shoot-em-up from Vertical Response, subsequently overreacted on Facebook
wasn't part of quarterly newsletter
specify with Josh about how it's advertised
add to Registration form about how members may receive periodic e-mails
Lauren will draft policy for next similar situation

*Board note changed by request and approved by vote, on November 14th 2015. 

Dept. of Social Corrections [Heather]

► Heather will not burn herself out
vote passes with no objections

extend call for re-naming DSC?
have 10-minute discussion at next staff meeting?
Social Outreach Services - S.O.S. Brigade when used internally (sidestep possible copyright infringement)

overnight staff retreat before con, possibly at hotel

winter events for cosplayers

ATC Secretary pro tempore

Ally's unable to fulfill duties from another state
► Andy will fill the rest of her term as acting secretary
vote passes with no objections

proposals for term limits

no term limits
no more than two consecutive terms in same position
may re-run if # of applicants is less than or equal to open spots
Treasurer needs special skill set; restrictions can be overturned in that case
omit reference to family members
Kale will draft the ballot and e-mail alerting to the ballot

confirmed: Officers of the Board (Heather, Gifford) are privy to ATC Board issues, over Damarra's objections in text message to Kale

LEG community fund

1st deployment (Greg Ayres) was a resounding success
AniMaine approached ATC about fundraising, starting their own community fund
ComiCon International may be interested in partnering
talk to CONvergence early on about being involved

► proposed logo (community / strength / compassion in a triangle) and tagline ("No one stands alone") [Anton]
votes for both logo and tagline pass with no objections

financials [Kim]

good year income-wise - earned more than expenses
LEG community fund was about $16.3K
ATC fund was about $95K
breakdown provided
should consider audit from independent agent [Anton]

Anime Detour budget [Gifford]

$175K for everything ($150K last year)

keep track of which departments are requesting budgets according to "splashes" [Lauren]
Dealers and Artists Alley should be able to pay for themselves [Kale]
will be vigilant in making sure staff registers in a timely fashion
frame request to minimize spending as opportunity to donate more to charity
anticipating $190K for AD2013 (Year 10)
would like to have enough in reserves to bankroll an entire con [Lauren]

► budget of $175K
vote passes with no objections

Dept. of Social Corrections budget [Heather]

drop Minicon to $500 because it's local (less gas) and small
Damarra's outreach progam budget is pending approval of program itself
► budget of $5,320
vote passes with no objections